Prince Andrew’s reputation will ’never recover’ as he’s given warning over conduct

22 Mar 2023, 11:59
22 Mar 2023, 17:42

Prince Andrew, Royal Family

Prince Andrew Duke of York’s reputation will “never recover” in the wake of his recent scandals, a PR expert has claimed.

The expert has also issued the prince with a warning over his conduct too.

Will Andrew’s reputation ever recover? (Credit: BBC)

Reputation of Prince Andrew Duke of York will ‘never recover’

Prince Andrew has had a controversial, turbulent few years.

Not only has he been hit with the scandal of being involved in a civil sexual abuse case, but he has also lost some of his royal titles.

They were stripped from him by the late Queen last year.

Additionally, he hasn’t done any official working royal duties since 2020.

The prince’s misfortune has continued this year too, with the King allegedly evicting him from his office in Buckingham Palace.

However, this could change now that his brother, Charles, is King.

PR expert Anthony Burr of Burr Media spoke exclusively to ED! about Andrew and his damaged reputation.

Andrew has been issued a warning (Credit:

PR expert talks Prince Andrew Duke York reputation

Speaking to ED!, Anthony revealed that Andrew’s reputation “will never recover”.

“Although Andrew’s reputation will never recover, he has shown in recent months that he will do all he can to remain part of the Royal Family, keep his armed forces commissions and push to having some part to play in Royal duties,” he said.

The PR expert then issued the Duke of York with a warning over his conduct going forward.

“In terms of media engagements, Andrew has to recognise that his best bet is to stay away from any more interviews,” he said.

Andrew’s reputation will never recover.

“The public will never forget his ill-advised Newsnight interview or forgive his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein,” he then added.

Anthony previously told The Express that Andrew’s reputation was past saving.

“I think his reputation has been tarnished, no question. Could it recover? Not fully, no way,” he said at the time.

ED! has contacted Buckingham Palace and Prince Andrew’s reps for comment.

Andrew will never be welcomed back, according to another PR expert (Credit:

Andrew warned he’ll never be ‘welcomed back’ into royal fold

The latest warning comes after the disgraced prince was warned he will never be welcomed back into the royal fold.

Andy Barr, PR expert and CEO of, exclusively spoke to ED! about whether there’s a way back for Andrew.

“Right now, there is absolutely no way back for Prince Andrew. He is a toxic brand that has, and continues to, damage The Firm,” he said.

“You can see that his supporters have floated the odd positive news story around the media already, particularly around challenging the pay-out he made and trying to clear his name via another big-ticket interview,” he continued.

“It is far too soon to be considering any of these kinds of moves.”

“He should focus on keeping out of the media completely for a while and then regroup and try again in a few years’ time via a steady flow of positive stories,” he then added.

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