Huge Emmerdale return set to destroy Belle’s life?

22 Mar 2023, 12:53

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A huge Emmerdale return has been revealed as a blast from the past returns to the village next month, according to reports.

Bad guy, Thomas King, is set to return to the soap years after his exit.

But, will Belle’s ex comeback and destroy her life in Emmerdale?

Carl King’s son is making a comeback (Credit: Photo by ITV/ Shutterstock)

Emmerdale: Thomas King returns?

The Sun has reported that Emmerdale villain, Thomas King, will return to the soap next month.

Thomas is the son of the late Carl King.

In 2013, Thomas stalked Chas and graffitied on the pub’s walls, sent her terrifying photos in the post and made mysterious phone calls to her.

He had been led to believe that Chas had killed Carl when in fact Cameron Murray was his dad’s true killer.

Thomas also developed a relationship with Belle Dingle much to the disapproval of Belle’s family.

When Belle and Thomas ran away from the village together, Lisa called the police and accused Thomas of abducting Belle.

Thomas eventually returned Belle home and decided to leave the village alone.

He left the soap in 2013 after going to live in Saudi Arabia.

However, 10 years later, Thomas is set to return to the village.

Will Thomas ruin things for Belle and Vinny? (Credit: Photo by ITV/ Shutterstock)

Emmerdale: Thomas returns to destroy Belle Dingle’s life?

At the moment, Belle is getting close with Vinny Dingle.

Things are certainly blossoming between the two of them.

However, could the return of Belle’s Ex, Thomas, destroy the spark she has with Vinny?

An Emmerdale source revealed to The Sun: “Tom’s return is going to be explosive. He shocks his uncle Jimmy when he returns to the village and it’s not clear why he’s back.

“Fans will be glued to their screens watching Tom’s comeback unfold — and his presence could cause chaos.

“They will all be asking if he’s as evil as his dad Carl and wondering why he’s returned.”

Thomas King was last played by Mark Flanagan, however, James Chase will take on the role when Thomas returns to our screens.

On Loose Women recently, Emmerdale boss, Jane Hudson, revealed that Belle will fall in love with somebody this summer.

But, could this be with Thomas rather than with Vinny?

Can we sense a love triangle in the works? Or will Thomas turn out to be just as evil as before and destroy Belle’s life?

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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