GMB today: Crew forced to step in as Susanna Reid puts MP on the spot in heated interview

21 Mar 2023, 11:54
21 Mar 2023, 14:10

Ed Balls, Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid

GMB today (Tuesday, March 21) saw the programme’s behind-the-scenes crew step in during a heated interview.

Susanna Reid was ready to put an MP on the spot in an interview about the damning report into the culture and standards of the Metropolitan Police – but he wasn’t quite ready when she was!

Ed and Susanna hosted a heated interview (Credit: ITV)

What happened on GMB today?

Today’s edition of Good Morning Britain saw an interview get off to a bit of a bizarre start.

Susanna Reid and Ed Balls were set to speak to Mark Harper, Secretary of State for Transport this morning.

Harper was on the show to discuss the damning report into the culture and standards of the Metropolitan Police, as well as the rail strikes.

However, it quickly emerged that Harper wasn’t ready for the interview – as his microphone and earpiece weren’t working!

“A very good morning to you Mr Harper,” Susanna said, kicking off the chat.

“We’re just double checking we’ve got your microphone in position and earpiece in place.”

The camera then cut to Harper, who was sat smiling awkwardly.

A member of the crew was then seen hurrying on screen before starting to sort Harper’s earpiece and microphone.

The crew member stepped in (Credit: ITV)

Crew member steps in on GMB today

“Do whatever you need to do,” he told the crew member.

“Well done to the staff member. I’m not sure who that is but thank you very much indeed,” Susanna said.”Starring role,” Ed quipped.

“She’s now dashed away very quickly,” Harper told the duo.”She’ll bring on your water and towels like Elvis Presley,” Ed joked.

Susanna and Ed then got down to business, putting him on the spot about the issues at hand.

“Well, it’s vital you can hear what we’re saying because, of course, the issues this morning are very serious and thank you very much indeed to our technical crew there in Westminister,” Susanna said.

At one point during the interview, Susanna slammed Harper for suggesting crime is down in London.

“Mr Harper, I don’t know where you live but crime is not down in my area,” she fumed.

“It is just not believable to say that because a survey says crime is down, that people are safer with fewer police officers,” she snapped.

Ben and Kate hosted a controversial debate (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning Britain debate slammed

Last week saw GMB come under fire over a controversial debate looking at whether the terms “mother” and “father” are offensive.

The debate was sparked amid news that the charity, Oxfam, has told staff to stop using the terms as they could be deemed “offensive”.

“But it’s hard not to see this and think ‘what on earth are they thinking,” Ben Shephard said.

Viewers were furious.

“What is this country coming to when saying mother and father is offensive I wish aliens would beam me up,” one tweeted.

“Mother and father is offensive hahaha [bleeping] taking the [bleep] now,” another said.

Not everyone was angry though.

“Schools haven’t used mother or father for years, they say ‘guardian/s’ as it’s inclusive of everyone that could be caring for a child, not every guardian is going to be a child’s mum or dad,” one wrote.

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