Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Shock return spells trouble for one villager

21 Mar 2023, 09:55

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Emmerdale spoilers tonight see Chloe return and it spells trouble for Mack as Moira edges closer to working out his secret.

Has she figured out what’s going on between the pair?

In other Emmerdale spoilers tonight, Alex’s real plans are revealed.

And Paddy continues to make progress.

Read our Emmerdale spoilers tonight in full, below.

Chloe is back in town – and Mack isn’t happy about it (Credit: ITV)

Moira’s suspicions are roused as Chloe returns

As preparations get underway for Charity and Mack’s stag and hen parties, Sarah and Chloe arrive back in the village. Mack is totally floored by their surprise return.

But Charity is distracted as she becomes upset after learning that the venue for her hen do has been flooded.

Later, Moira is put in charge of both Charity’s hen party and Mack’s stag do.

Mack reveals that he has also chosen Moira to be his best man – a choice of which Charity is skeptical.

It’s made even more awkward when Sarah and Chloe arrive.

Mack demands to know what’s going on.

He’s relieved when Chloe tells him that she’s just come back for a medical appointment – and plans to return to Scotland soon.

Moira suspects that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye (Credit: ITV)

As she watches Chloe and Mack interact, Moira grows suspicious.

She’s sure that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye – but decides to leave it be for the time being.

Has Moira worked out what’s going on between Mack and Chloe?

Will she confront him and learn the truth?

Who is the mystery ‘Clare’ and what business does Alex have with her? (Credit: ITV)

Alex reveals his sinister plan

Alex struggles to keep his cool as he gets a mystery call.

Naomi and Charles are supportive when he tells them that he’s going to a job interview later that day.

But, on the outskirts of the village, Chas and Belle spot Alex giving cash to a mystery woman.

Later, Alex walks into the Woolpack and claims that his interview went well.

Belle is torn as to whether she should tell Naomi what she saw.

When she reveals all to a disbelieving Naomi, Chas backs up Belle’s side of the story.

Later, when Naomi catches Alex out in a lie about his non-existent job interview, she snaps at him.

Alex promises to explain everything – and does.

Alex claims that he has been helping out Clare and her son, Max (Credit: ITV)

He introduces Naomi to Clare and her son, Max.

He tells her that he’s been helping them out after meeting Max’s dad in prison.

Back home, he makes sure everything is good between him and Naomi. Then, making an excuse, he leaves, with Naomi feeling more secure about their relationship than ever.

As Alex meets up with Clare, the truth is revealed – his relationship with Naomi is a scam, and he’s planning to rob the surgery.

Chas and Paddy manage to talk things out amiably (Credit: ITV)

Paddy makes progress

Paddy feels grateful when Rhona trusts him to return to work.

Later, in the back room of the Woolpack, he and Chas have a civilised conversation about their future.

They discuss how they’ll break the news to Eve that he’s moving out.

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