Emmerdale spoilers: Charles murders Alex?

21 Mar 2023, 16:10

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In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Alex attempts to steal drugs from the pharmacy van but gets caught by Charles.

As Charles confronts Alex, Alex gets hit by a car.

But, does Charles murder Alex in Emmerdale spoilers?

Billy and Dawn worry about Alex’s intentions (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Alex is encouraged to fight for his kids

With pressure from Clare mounting, Alex heads to the surgery but is shocked when he finds the drugs cabinet empty.

Telling Clare to keep her faith in him Alex plans to rob the pharmacy delivery van whilst Naomi and Manpreet encourage him to fight for access to Clemmie and Lucas.

Finding out when the van will arrive by pretending to be Dr Liam on the phone, Alex starts to put his plan into motion.

However, Charles starts to trust Alex and tells him to fight for his kids.

With this, Alex tells Charles that Will and Kim kidnapped and threatened him.

As Charles heads to Home Farm to confront the criminal couple, Dawn fears that this revelation will ruin her chances of getting full custody of the kids.

Later on, at court, Dawn and Billy worry as they wait to see if they can have full custody/ adopt the kids.

But, will things go their way?

Alex is left for dead (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Charles murders Alex?

Whilst Billy and Dawn are in court, Alex is busy robbing drugs from the pharmacy van.

Charles finds the drugs in Alex’s car and chases after Alex as he makes a run for it. Charles manages to pin Alex down onto the bonnet of his car, causing damage to the car.

Alex then is pressured into telling Charles about his plan, revealing that his relationship with Naomi was fake.

As Charles tries to call the police, Alex smashes up his phone and makes off with the drugs.

With Naomi being in denial about the truth, Charles sets out on getting revenge on Alex. Charles jumps in his car and tries to track down Alex.

Meanwhile, Alex gets hit by a car as he steps out into the road whilst on the phone to Clare. As Alex lies lifeless, a figure approaches him before quickly backing off.

But, could it be Charles?

Is Charles capable of murder? (Credit: ITV)

Does Charles kill Alex?

Emmerdale bosses recently revealed that Charles is set for a big storyline this year.

But, could it involve him killing Alex?

Charles Anderson star Kevin Mathurin revealed: “During the altercation Charles and Alex struggle and Charles throws Alex onto his bonnet, damaging the bonnet and that evidence is used against him further down the line.”

Speaking about how far Charles would go to protect his family, Kevin explained: “He [Charles] loves God and he loves his work within the community, but when it comes to his family his job and his faith will sometimes take second place.

“He will do whatever it takes to protect them.”

But, will Charles murder Alex to protect Naomi?

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