Emmerdale spoilers: Affair for Chloe and Mack as he feels the baby kick?

21 Mar 2023, 16:29

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In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Mack finds out the gender of his and Chloe’s baby whilst feeling the baby kick.

As the pair bond over this special moment, tensions are apparent.

But, will Mack and Chloe have an affair in Emmerdale?

Chloe and Mack bond over the baby (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Mack finds out some big baby news

Mack’s been able to breathe a sigh of relief recently as Chloe has been spending time in Scotland with Sarah and Debbie.

This has meant that he’s been able to keep his baby secret more easily.

However, next week, Mack gets a shock as Chloe reveals some big baby news after her return to the village.

Mack has been playing it cool with Nate, trying to trick both Nate and himself that he doesn’t care about the baby.

However, now, Nate thinks that Mack cares more about Chloe and the baby than he’s making out.

This gives Mack food for thought as he takes a moment for self-reflection.

Later on, Mack spots Chloe and gets a surprise when she reveals the gender of their baby – a boy!

Things are suddenly charged and the pair get close as they bond over a special moment in their baby’s development as Mack feels the baby kick.

Mack reflects on his feelings (Credit: ITV)

Mack starts to realise his feelings for the baby

After feeling the baby kick, Mack’s feelings start to become overwhelming.

He realises that he cares more than he’s been making out.

With this, Chloe and Mack argue over Mack’s involvement in the baby’s life.

Nate is still suspicious when Mack continues to make out that he’s not bothered.

Later on, Mack feels guilty as he realises just how much he’s been lying to both himself and Charity.

But, does Mack care about Chloe as well as the baby?

Will Mack have an affair with Chloe? (Credit: ITV)

Will Mack have an affair with Chloe?

Mack has cheated on Charity with Chloe before.

However, he’s been feeling guilty ever since.

Now, Mack shares a big part of his life with Chloe – their baby!

Will Mack and Chloe have an affair?

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