EastEnders spoilers tonight: Zack reveals his HIV diagnosis to Whitney?

21 Mar 2023, 10:18

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EastEnders spoilers tonight have revealed that, as Whitney struggles with his rejection, Zack Hudson agonises over whether he should tell her the truth about his HIV diagnosis.

As Sam advises him to come clean to Whitney, it appears that a decision has been made.

Will Zack tell Whitney that he has HIV?

In other EastEnders spoilers tonight, Ravi and Chelsea take their flirtations up a notch.

Elsewhere, Jay confronts Emma once and for all.

And Stacey and Eve get a shock as they learn about Freddie and Rocky’s side-hustle.

Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight below.

Zack and Sam attend a doctor’s appointment to discuss his diagnosis (Credit: BBC)

Sam advises Zack to tell Whitney the truth

Chelsea advises Whitney that she should talk to Zack about how she feels.

However, Whitney is still mortified at him rejecting her earlier.

Meanwhile, Sam goes with Zack for his appointment at the clinic.

She asks the doctor some difficult questions about whether Zack can have sex and if he and a partner can try for a baby.

When they get back to Walford, Sam tells Zack that he should tell Whitney the truth.

Taking Sam’s advice on board, Zack goes to see Whitney.

Will he tell her that he has HIV?

Sam implores Zack to tell Whitney the truth (Credit: BBC)

Ravi tries to take Chelsea for a ride

Chelsea, Felix and Finlay head out to The Albert for the night so as to give Zack and Whitney some space.

She’s annoyed when she finds that Ravi is there – and even more so when he’s joined by a mystery blonde woman.

Furious, she attempts to make Ravi jealous.

Ravi and the girl leave, leading Chelsea to wonder whether her plan has failed.

But he’s waiting for her outside.

He offers to take her for a ride on his motorbike.

Will Chelsea take him up on his offer?

Jay confronts Emma about her treatment of Lola (Credit: BBC)

Jay gives Emma what for

Lola is worried after Emma stormed out on her the night before.

She wonders if her mother has once again walked out of her life.

Furious, Jay calls Emma to meet him at the car lot.

He tells her that she should either be there for Lola or stay away for good.

What will Emma do?

Stacey rumbles Freddie and Rocky

Still struggling for funds, Stacey can’t understand where Freddie is getting his money from.

Later, she and Eve inadvertently stumble across a meeting between Freddie and Rocky in the laundrette back room.

Suddenly learning the source of Freddie’s cash, Stacey and Eve are left stunned.

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