EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for March 27-31

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Keanu’s declaration of love results in a marriage proposal. But will Sharon accept?

Meanwhile, Lola gets news about her tumour. How will her family cope?

Also, Rocky’s secret is out as his wife arrives in Walford. And Reiss is clearly hiding something from Sonia – but what?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers
1. Keanu proposes!

A downbeat Keanu gets advice from Sam after Sharon dismisses him again.

Sam encourages him to go for it and Karen also gives him advice – albeit begrudgingly.

At the opening of Boxing Den, Keanu makes a declaration of love.

He proposes to a stunned Sharon in front of everyone!

Stunned Sharon rushes out and Keanu follows declaring his love again.

After Kat encourages Sharon to listen to her heart, what will she decide?

2. Lola gets news from the hospital

Lola throws herself into organising her fundraising event.

But when the hospital ask her to come in for an early appointment, Lola is panicked.

Jay supports her and tries to hide his own fears about the appointment.

But what will the news be?

Lola later pushes forward with her fundraising event, but Ben urges her to put Lexi first.

After realising Lexi still believes she will get better, Lola knows what she has to do.

As the fundraiser goes ahead, Lola is choked by her family’s unwavering support.

But how much longer can Lola keep up the brave face?

3. Emma struggles in EastEnders spoilers

Emma declines Lola’s offer of a girls’ night in.

Her behaviour causes Jay to panic that Emma isn’t coping with Lola’s declining health.

Jay confronts Emma and she drowns her sorrows in The Vic with Sam.

As she opens up about her mum guilt, will Emma finally step up for Lola?

4. Rocky’s secret revealed

As Kathy moves full speed ahead with wedding plans, Rocky is clearly worried.

He confesses to Sonia he got married 25 years ago and never got divorced.

Sonia insists he has to tell Kathy or she will.

She and Reiss then try to track Jo down. But it’s Freddie who manages to find her.

Rocky is later horrified to spot his wife, Jo, approaching No.45.

He races to stop her before she sees Kathy.

But he’s too late. Jo has already barged in.

It’s not long before all hell breaks loose. Will Kathy forgive Rocky?

More EastEnders spoilers
5. Ben steps into the ring

Wanting to impress Phil, Ben steps into the boxing ring at the gym opening after one of the boxers calls in sick.

However, things don’t go Ben’s way. How will Phil react?

6. Linda’s heartbreak

Linda and Alfie bond over a shared love of boxing.

However, later Linda overhears Alfie and Sam joking about their relationship and she confronts him about it.

7. What is Reiss hiding?

Reiss and Sonia find themselves involved in the Rocky drama and soon Reiss impresses Sonia with his caring nature.

Sonia then issues Reiss with a proposal.

She invites him to Bangkok to meet Bex. However, Reiss is clearly panicked.

Sonia isn’t worried by his reaction, but what is he hiding?

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