Coronation Street fans hit out at acid attack storyline

21 Mar 2023, 11:19
21 Mar 2023, 11:25

Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley

Recent Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Daisy will become the victim of an acid attack on her wedding day.

With these recent spoilers, many fans have shared their shock.

Fans have now hit out at the upcoming acid attack storyline.

Justin throws acid at Daisy (Credit: ITV)

Daisy will be the victim of an acid attack

Recently on Coronation Street, Daisy’s stalker, Justin, has been ramping up his reign of terror.

Daisy and Daniel have tried to warn him off but have failed.

Now, new Coronation Street spoilers reveal that despite Daisy and Daniel’s threats, Justin will continue in his attempt to ruin Daisy and Daniel’s relationship.

On Daisy’s wedding day, she comes face to face with Justin once more in the Rovers whilst waiting for Ryan to take her to the ceremony.

In her wedding dress ahead of the nuptials, Daisy becomes the victim of an acid attack.

Justin tells Daisy that nobody will want her from now on before throwing a glass of acid at her.

The episodes after will see Daisy try to process the horrifying event.

Fans aren’t pleased with the upcoming storyline (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans hit out at the acid attack storyline

With fans now aware of the upcoming acid attack storyline, they’ve been quick to share their upset.

Over on Coronation Street’s Instagram, fans have expressed their anger over the soap airing more doom and gloom storylines, with some believing that Coronation Street has gone too far.

One viewer wrote: “I’m hating the idea of this storyline … why has it got to be so awful and sick?”

Another commented: “Totally inappropriate for the Street. Tony Warren would be ashamed of this [bleep.]”

A third fan feared: “I’m not looking forward to this storyline, it could give people ideas.”

A fourth viewer simply wrote: “Disgraceful storyline. Again.”

A fifth fan ranted: “So we have women being raped and now have acid thrown on them? I’m all for hard hitting issues but it would be nice if there was a light story to balance all this trauma. Life is hard enough. Corrie is supposed to be an escape, my mental health is really impacted.”

However, some felt it is an important issue to tackle: “So proud of you Charlotte Jordan. Such an important storyline.”

Another agreed: “These storylines may be ‘depressing’ if that’s what people call it, but this is real life? There raising awareness! These things are happening every single day in the world we live in unfortunately! I don’t think that ‘Corrie has gotten depressing’ the world we live in has and Corrie is just doing storylines on the world we live in!”

Charlotte was surprised by the storyline (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte Jordan on the acid attack storyline

Daisy Midgeley star, Charlotte Jordan, has revealed that she was surprised when she was first told about the acid attack storyline.

She said: “I really didn’t see that coming! I didn’t think they’d go down that route with it. I was caught by surprise by it.”

The Coronation Street actress then explained that she doesn’t understand why Justin carries out the attack, stating: “To do something like that with acid, I don’t know how you can understand or get to that point,… It’s so evil, so heinous.”

What are your thoughts on this upcoming storyline?

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