Roman Kemp issues plea for help as panic sets in: ‘What do I do now?’

20 Mar 2023, 17:33

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Roman Kemp has told his Twitter fans he was filled with regret after accidentally eating a very rare Creme Egg.

The DJ was snacking on the Easter chocolate when he discovered one he had never seen before – a very rare half white, half milk chocolate egg.

After posting the egg on Twitter, many shocked fans pointed out that the egg could be worth up to £10,000!

However, it was already too late and Roman was devastated to admit that he had already eaten the treat.

Radio host Roman Kemp revealed that he accidentally ate a Creme Egg that could’ve been worth £10k (Credit: ITV)

Roman Kemp accidentally eats £10k Creme Egg

A panicked Roman asked his followers for help after he accidentally ate the rare Creme Egg.

The radio host’s relaxing day at home took a dramatic turn on Sunday (March 19) after he discovered a half white, half milk chocolate Creme Egg.


— Roman Kemp (@romankemp) March 19, 2023

Sharing a photo of the treat on Twitter, Roman asked his followers: “What is this??? HALF WHITE HALF MILK CHOCOLATE?”

But the DJ was left panicking when he found it that the chocolate egg could have been worth up to £10k.

And he had already eaten it!

He added: “I’ve already eaten it and people are saying it’s worth 10k? I have eaten it what do I do now? HELP.”

Roman continued: “People saying it’s a prank or that I’ve tippexed it. I [bleep] wish. THIS IS NOT FUNNY. IT TASTES LIKE REGRET.”

Roman Kemp urges his followers for help after eating half white, half milk chocolate Creme Egg (Credit: Cover Images)

Roman told to ‘wallow in shame’

Addressing Roman’s hilarious tweets on Capital Breakfast this morning, Roman and his co-hosts Sian Welby and Chris Stark urged his fans for help.

Sian said: “You wallow in shame, I mean it’s the most ridiculous, why, why did you go straight to the thought it was an error?”

Roman replied: “Because…and this is the only reason why I bring up the fact, here’s the problem, any time I say something related to a brand they think it’s an advert, because I do a lot of adverts, and that’s fine.

“But this is a fact…I’ve eaten an egg that’s worth £10,000.”

I’ve already eaten it and people are saying it’s worth 10k? I have eaten it what do I do now? HELP.

Roman then begged for someone who works at Cadbury to help him out with his situation.

He added: “What do I do? People last night on Twitter saying ‘you’ve Tippexed that’ as if I have the time!

“Someone who works for Cadbury and listens to the show, can you please come and talk to me. It’s a dark time right now!”

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