Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Cathy left heartbroken after shock health diagnosis

20 Mar 2023, 00:01
17 Mar 2023, 16:07

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In Emmerdale spoilers for tonight (Monday March 20, 2023), Cathy is left heartbroken after receiving a shock health diagnosis.

Cathy’s devastated when she hears Manpreet talk about her diagnosis.

What’s wrong with Cathy in Emmerdale tonight?

Manpreet gives Cathy a diagnosis (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Cathy receives a shock diagnosis

Bob and Wendy try to support Cathy the best they can after she risked her own life.

Manpreet and Wendy come up with a shock diagnosis that explains Cathy’s symptoms.

Manpreet tells Bob that Cathy may have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Cathy’s heartbroken when she overhears that this could affect her for decades.

Bob decides to keep this potential diagnosis a secret from Cathy until it’s confirmed.

Cathy walks in and tells Bob that she overheard his conversation with Manpreet.

Bob tells Cathy that he will support her through her journey but Cathy doesn’t want to know.

Does Cathy have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder?

If so, how will she come to terms with this?

Rhona wants to meet Faye (Credit: ITV)

Rhona prepares to meet Faye

Mary’s excited for Rhona to meet Faye at Marlon’s party.

However, after Marlon falls out with Paddy, he decides to cancel his birthday celebrations.

Mary’s delighted when Rhona explains that she still wants to meet Faye even without the party happening.

Will Rhona get on with Faye?

Alex is up to no good (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Alex acts suspicious

Charles starts to feel guilty for being so hasty with his judgement of Alex.

However, it seems that Charles was right to have doubts.

As Manpreet makes a phone call about the surgery’s drug delivery, Alex becomes interested.

He then makes a suspicious phone call on the back of hearing Manpreet on the phone.

But, is Alex up to his old tricks again?

Is he about to get involved in drugs once more?

Was Charles right to be concerned?

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