Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Sarah cheats on Adam as their marriage falls apart

20 Mar 2023, 00:01
17 Mar 2023, 16:35

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Our Coronation Street spoilers tonight reveal that divided loyalties lead to a row between Adam and Sarah that threatens to tear their shaky marriage apart.

As she looks set to cheat on her lawyer husband, could a break up be on the cards for the fiery Barlows?

And will Sarah be making even more trouble for herself when she realises who she’s hooked up with at a hotel?

In other Coronation Street spoilers tonight, Stephen could be set to claim his next victim when Rufus tries to blackmail him.

Meanwhile Daisy’s busy making plans for her upcoming wedding.

Evelyn builds bridges with Roy when she drops into the cafe.

And Billy and Paul face a big decision, following a suggestion from Summer.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers tonight below.

Sarah flirts with danger when she shares a drink with Damon (Credit: ITV)

Angry Sarah shuns Adam to flirt with mystery man

Nick’s horrified when he finds dodgy Damon sat at his desk, ready to drop a bombshell. He announces that he’s still got a stake in the business, and has hired a lawyer Nick may know.

He’s furious to learn that Adam’s the brief in question, and when Sarah hears there’s a big row between the Barlows.

She storms off alone to the hotel he’d booked for their date night, and soon sidles into a chair next to Damon at the bar.

As he turns on the charm, Sarah reveals that she’s had a major fall-out with her other half.

Then as drink gets the better of her, a bold Sarah invites her new friend up to her room for a drink.

Is Sarah set to wake up with a hangover – and a whole lot of trouble in bed with her?

Stephen sees red when Rufus tries to blackmail him (Credit: ITV)

Rufus gets threatening with Stephen

Peter’s stunned to find Stephen lording it over the factory, and accuses the workers of stabbing Carla in the back.

But as Stephen’s about to sign the American contract, he faces a challenge in the shape of shady Rufus. The businessman tells Stephen to tear up the paperwork, as he wants sole rights to Nippersnapper.

He threatens that if Stephen doesn’t go along with the change of plan, he’ll tell everyone about how Stephen’s been drugging his business partner Carla.

Livid Stephen grabs a hole punch and approaches Rufus. Could this be the last threat that Rufus ever makes?

Genda’s got her heart set on being Daisy’s wedding singer (Credit: ITV)

Daisy makes plans for her big day

As the wedding draws nearer, Jenny’s thrilled when Daisy asks her stepmum to give her away at the ceremony.

But when Amy tries on her bridesmaid’s dress, her mood darkens when Daisy mentions her hen night. Still reeling from her ordeal she claims she won’t be able to make it.

Meanwhile Glenda’s got a plan to sing at the wedding, and belts out some numbers behind the bar, in the hope of wowing Daisy with her warbling.

How long will the truce last between Evelyn and Roy? (Credit: ITV)

Peace breaks out for Evelyn and Roy

It looks like the feud could be over after Evelyn drops into the cafe with Cerberus.

Roy apologises for missing her birthday party and reveals all about Carla’s recent problems.

But while the hostilities may be at an end, Evelyn’s got other worries later, when her faithful hound shows no interest in his tea.

Summer makes a suggestion to Billy and Paul

When Summer says she think that it’s time Paul moved in, on-off lovers Billy and Paul have definite food for thought.

But will the pair decide to put the past behind them and give their relationship another chance?

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