Coronation Street confirms acid attack storyline for Daisy as Charlotte Jordan admits her ‘surprise’ over the plot

20 Mar 2023, 00:01
19 Mar 2023, 22:54

Charlotte Jordan, Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley, Justin Rutherford

Coronation Street has confirmed an acid attack storyline for Daisy Midgeley and star Charlotte Jordan says she was taken by ‘surprise’ by the plot.

Charlotte, who plays bride-to-be Daisy, says she didn’t predict the grim turn the stalker storyline is about to take, and that she also didn’t think the Corrie writers would go down that route.

It is a shocking turn for the already dark story.

Justin arrives at the Rovers on Daisy and Daniel’s wedding day, to attack Daisy with acid.

Justin wants revenge (Credit: ITV)

Daisy is trying to stay positive in Coronation Street

After goading Justin into lashing out and getting himself arrested, Charlotte says Daisy is just “really tired”.

“She’s doing all the things she’s been told to do, trying to stop Justin from making her life miserable, but nothing seems to be working, because the law’s not really on her side,” she says.

Justin, as we know, has been released on bail after his arrest and warned to stay away from Daisy.

But as Daisy’s wedding approaches, she’s feeling nervous.

“She’s trying to keep positive,” Charlotte tells us. “The wedding is the light at the end of the tunnel. Daniel‘s being supportive but it’s really difficult.”

Daisy is trying to stay positive as she plans her wedding (Credit: ITV)

Will Daisy make it down the aisle?

She says Daisy and Daniel want to tie the knot to prove to Justin that they’re solid – and Daisy’s absolutely not interested in him.

“It’s an act of defiance,” says Charlotte. “It’s quite a brave thing for them still to be doing this wedding as planned. They both feel if they can get married and get to the next stage in life, they can make it clear to Justin she’s not available to him.”

So when her estranged mum Christina arrives at the hen night, full of doom and gloom, poor Daisy tries to ignore her warnings.

Will Daisy make it down the aisle? (Credit: ITV)

Bride and gloom!

“Christina basically told her the Midgeley women don’t have good weddings,” says Charlotte. “Daisy shrugs it off, but then she wakes up with a red eye, the cake’s got the wrong name on it, the car gets stolen, everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.”

She says that the episode begins as a classic Coronation Street wedding.

“There’s a bit of humour there,” Charlotte reveals. “It’s will they get down the aisle? It’s really a lovely way to start the episode and a wonderful contrast to what happens later on.”

Acid attack

Because after the fun and games, things get much darker when Justin turns up at the pub intending to attack Daisy with acid.

Charlotte admits: “I really didn’t see that coming! I didn’t think they’d go that route with it. I was caught by surprise by it.”

And she says that not surprisingly, she finds it hard to understand why Justin does what he does.

“To do something like that with acid, I don’t know how you can understand or get to that point,” she says thoughtfully. “It’s so evil, so heinous.”

So will Justin take his devastating revenge on poor Daisy? And what will happen as the wedding day unfolds?

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