The Wheel viewers left ‘sobbing’ over guest’s huge win: ‘Most deserving contestant’

19 Mar 2023, 13:52
19 Mar 2023, 13:54

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel

The Wheel viewers were left “sobbing” last night after a blind man named Toby walked away with the prize money.

The contestant quickly grew puzzled and turned to DJ Sara Cox for help to answer his final question on art.

“Which of these artists has won the Turner Prize in the 21st century?”, asked host Michael McIntyre.

As a result, Toby’s chances of winning were left in the capable hands of Sara.

Toby took home the prize money on The Wheel (Credit: BBC)

The Wheel last night

“It’s all on you this one,” he joked. “Because I have no idea. Blind people don’t like art.”

Thankfully for Toby, Sara turned out to be correct and he ended up bagging £45,000.

I tell you what, love art now! It’s my favourite.

The Wheel host Michael then pointed out the irony in the whole situation after wiping away tears watching Toby win the money.

He said: “I can’t believe you have come on this wheel, you are a blind man, you have been given a question on art to win the show, you have hilariously pointed out, during the question, not a big fan of art, never actually seen it!”

Toby then laughed: “I tell you what, love art now! It’s my favourite.”

“I am fully blind, or what we call fully blind,” he went on to share. “There’s a spectrum so I’m 96% blind and I can see lights, so I can tell the studio lights are on, can’t see you (Michael), can’t see anyone around the wheel, so sorry if I was staring at you with weird eye contact. Not my fault.”

He added that he went completely blind when he was 16, and that the money would be “life-changing” for him.

Toby added: “This is life-changing. I’m so overwhelmed, honestly. I’m not an emotional person at all but I could cry. It’s hard to put into words.”

Michael McIntyre wiped away a tear on the show (Credit: BBC)

‘Most deserving winner’

Viewers rushed to social media to praise the “most deserving winner”.

One tweeted: “Sobbing at tonight’s #TheWheel. Absolutely made up for Toby. What an amazing young man. His family must be so proud of him. Enjoy it Toby.”

Meanwhile, another said: “I just about had it together when Toby won the money but when Michael guided him over to hug Sara Cox that was it, gone, sobbing mess… what a lovely man #thewheel”.

“Sobbing at the wheel, what an absolute angel #thewheel“, added a third viewer.

Another added: “The most deserving, genuine contestant in history of The Wheel. Congratulations to Toby.”

– The Wheel airs on BBC One, Saturdays, at 8.30pm.

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