Stacey Solomon show ‘cleared of animal cruelty’ after over 1500 complaints

18 Mar 2023, 17:21
18 Mar 2023, 17:21

Sort Your Life Out, Stacey Solomon

Sort Your Life Out, hosted by Stacey Solomon, has been cleared by the BBC, according to reports.

Last month the DIY show was hit with over 1500 complaints after it allegedly showed cruelty to rabbits.

Viewers claimed it was “shameful and disgusting” treatment of animals.

Stacey has hosted two series’ of the show (Credit: BBC)

Sort Your Life Out ‘cleared’

According to The Sun the BBC has reported that the complaints are “not being upheld”.

The show is therefore not guilty of animal cruelty.

Stacey has so far remained silent on the outcry, but Stacey’s fans have defended her on social media. The star was just days away from giving birth when the complaints hit.

“Also let’s not forget Stacey is about to have a baby any day now so she may not be able to respond to pushback straight away,” one pointed out.

“People sending awful messages and writing nasty things to someone who may have been unaware!” declared a second.

“The woman is literally about to or may possibly have already had a baby and maybe she’s busy with that,” added a third.

The Fall family originally housed their rabbits in their conservatory (Credit: BBC)

Why did Stacey Solomon’s show gets complaints

The episode in question focused on the Fall family as Stacey tried to help them declutter their home.

But the treatment of the Fall family’s rabbits caused uproar from viewers, who urged the BBC to investigate the episode.

The Fall family’s rabbits were originally housed in an indoor set-up in the family’s conservatory.

After the Sort Your Life Out team decluttered the home, the rabbits were moved to an outdoor enclosure.

Stacey said in the programme: “Now that the rabbits have moved out of the conservatory and into their new home in the garden, it can finally be used as a living space for the humans of the family.”

Julia and Dan were moved to tears by their conservatory’s new look. But emotions also ran high from viewers for other reasons.

The rabbits were moved to an outdoor enclosure in Sort Your Life Out (Credit: BBC)

BBC urged to investigate after the episode

Viewers complained after watching the rabbits move from their indoor enclosure to a smaller outdoor enclosure.

One viewer pleaded to Stacey: “We enjoy watching your decluttering show but moving the rabbits into a tiny hutch outside from a lovely indoor setup was sad!

“In that case shouldn’t the dog and cats have been moved outside into cages too? All pets are part of the family.”

Another viewer asked the BBC to rectify it: “Locking a rabbit in a hutch is cruel, causing serious mental and physical health problems.

“They need a minimum of 60 square feet. You have just publicly broadcast animal cruelty and people will think this is okay. Please rectify.”

A third viewer also claimed: “Wow. Stacey Solomon promoting animal neglect on SortYourLifeOut.

“Shameful and disgusting.”

At the time the BBC released a statement about the episode.

On February 20, a rep told ED!: “The family’s pet rabbits usually live outside and were only living indoors for a short period of time after being neutered.

“They are therefore acclimatised to living in the garden.

“The rabbits have full access to a wide, enclosed garden to roam around in, with the hutch being a place to come and go as they please during the day, as well as a safe and secure space for them to sleep in at night.”

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