Jonnie Irwin’s ‘terrified’ wife makes heartbreaking confession as she admits ‘anger’ over his terminal cancer

17 Mar 2023, 12:19

Jonnie Irwin

The wife of Jonnie Irwin has made a heartbreaking confession about his cancer battle as she admitted feeling “angry” over the illness.

A Place in the Sun presenter Jonnie found out he had lung cancer in 2020. He revealed the diagnosis publicly in November last year.

At the time, he said that the cancer had spread to his brain.

In a new interview, Jonnie and his partner Jessica opened up about the illness and how it has heartbreakingly impacted on their future.

Jonnie’s wife has admitted she feels ‘angry’ over his cancer (Credit: ITV)

Jonnie Irwin cancer

Speaking to The Sun, Jessica admitted she feels “angry at how much it’s ruined the last couple of years”.

She also said she’s angry at how much “it’s taken away from us enjoying having a new family”.

Jessica added: “It terrifies me that I’m suddenly going to be in a house on my own, the sole adult with three young boys. The prospect of being a single mum and a widow is awful to think about.

“I never chose to do this on my own. I picked Jonnie because I knew he would be an amazing dad and life partner.

“So more than anything I’m just gutted we’re not going to have that, for both our sakes.”

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Jonnie update

In the interview, Jonnie also gave an update on how he’s feeling.

He said he feels “weak now, fragile and my memory is terrible”.

Earlier this year, Jonnie addressed fans’ concerns after taking up a lifestyle change.

It terrifies me that I’m suddenly going to be in a house on my own.

He reassured fans he was not “starving himself” after trying out a new diet to try and shrink his cancer.

Jonnie had told fans on Instagram: “Was a privilege to meet my mentor Jane Mclelland. Author of @how_to_starve_cancer.

Jonnie was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 (Credit: Photo by Shutterstock)

“Her story is truly an inspiration and in my opinion a must read for anyone affected by cancer.

“It’s inspired me to change my lifestyle and importantly given me hope in an otherwise hopeless situation.”

Jonnie then said: “For those who are worried that I am starving myself, don’t worry. I’m not.

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“I was trying to starve a tumour by blocking its feeding pathways. By taking ‘off label’ drugs as well as a tailored diet – losing weight is deffo not the aim!

“Plus exercise and key supplements with the expert help of @how_to_starve_cancer.”

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