EastEnders spoilers: Patrick makes a grand gesture as he vows to win Yolande back!

17 Mar 2023, 12:39

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EastEnders spoilers for next week see Patrick Trueman vow to win Yolande back, after he sees a stroke of luck as a sign.

He thinks it’s a message that he should revive his relationship with his former wife.

The Walford favourite has been on his own since the collapse of his most recent marriage, to Sheree Baptiste.

Playful Patrick has his heart set on reviving his romance with Yolande (Credit: BBC)

Is Yolande the one that got away?

But it looks like he’s never really got over losing ex-wife Yolande, who he wed in 2004, only for her to move to Birmingham in 2008.

He was due to join her later, but was left crushed when she decided she actually preferred life without him. She then divorced him the following year.

And next week he vows to win her back!

Yolande returned in 2017 for Patrick’s 77th birthday and the pair reminisced about old times in The Vic. But the reunion was short-lived. Yolande walked out of her ex-husband’s life yet again, returning to Birmingham.

She suggested they stay in touch, however her former beau went on to wed Sheree. He stunned his family when he brought back an unexpected souvenir from a trip to Trinidad – the latest Mrs Trueman!

He may have family like Denise around, but Patrick feels like something’s missing (Credit: BBC)

Patrick vows to win Yolande back

Next week, mindful of his ex-wife Yolande’s 70th birthday, nostalgic Patrick decides to place a bet on a horse named Little Prayer, which was the song played at their wedding.

And when the nag gallops to victory, eternal romantic Patrick sees the win as a sign!

Having loved and lost his fair share of women over the years, the passionate pensioner has some wise advice for young Denzel. He tells the lad that you should never take love for granted.

Yolande and Patrick were briefly reunited in 2017 (Credit: BBC)

And that’s when Patrick leaves his loved ones stunned by announcing that he’s decided he’s going to go and see Yolande.

And it’s not just a reunion he’s after. Patrick’s decided he’s got a new mission – and that’s to win her back!

But will the smooth-talking Trinidadian – a Walford fixture for more than 20 years – have the charm to rekindle their romance after all these years?

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