Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Stephen kills Carla in fire horror?

17 Mar 2023, 11:24

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Coronation Street spoilers tonight have revealed that, as Stephen Reid puts the next stage of his plan into motion, Carla is at risk of dying in flames.

With Carla threatening to come back to work, Stephen lets himself into her home and lights the kitchen hob – while she lies sleeping in the bedroom.

Will Stephen’s latest move kill Carla?

And, in other Coronation Street spoilers tonight, Dee-Dee is horrified by Adam’s plan to drum up business.

Elsewhere, Tracy sets Daisy an ultimatum.

And, as Evelyn celebrates her birthday, Faye is reunited with daughter Miley.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers tonight in full below.

Carla is in grave danger as sneaky Stephen lets himself into the flat (Credit: ITV)

Stephen lights a fire under Carla’s work plans

When she wakes up feeling better, Carla tells Stephen and Peter that she’s going to work.

She reassures them, telling them that yesterday was nothing but a blip.

However, as she goes to make a drink, she breaks a mug and cuts her finger.

She agrees that she might need another consultation with Dr. Gaddas.

Dr. Gaddas tells her that she should take an extended break from work – and suggests she goes back onto her antipsychotic drugs.

Later, Stephen lets himself into the flat with Carla’s keys (which he stole from the factory).

As Carla sleeps, he drops the keys into her bag.

Then, he sneaks into the kitchen and turns on the grill.

Will Carla be killed?

Dee-Dee isn’t happy to see Damon making himself cosy with Adam (Credit: ITV)

Adam eyes a deal with the devil

Dee-Dee walks into the solicitor’s office and is horrified to find Damon talking to Adam.

She reveals that Damon has been making Nick’s life a misery – and orders him out.

But Adam, worried about the business, suggests that they take Damon on as a client.

He tells her that Damon is both in need of legal representation and loaded.

Dee-Dee is disgusted… but will she concede?

Tracy tells Daisy she’ll do the flowers… but only if she can be bridesmaid at the wedding (Credit: ITV)

Tracy gives an ultimatum

Daisy tells Daniel that everyone is back on board with the wedding… except for the florist.

Reluctantly, she asks Tracy if she’d do the flowers.

Tracy agrees, but sets an ultimatum.

She says that she’ll only do it if she and Amy are bridesmaids.

Will Daisy let up?

Happy birthday to Evelyn

It’s Evelyn’s birthday, and she’s not feeling happy about it.

As she opens her cards, she agrees to a small family gathering.

Revealing the party, she invites Roy.

Roy is overjoyed to accept.

Faye comes face-t0-face with daughter Miley (Credit: ITV)

Faye reunites with Jackson and Miley

Having agreed to meet with Miley, Faye is a bag of nerves.

She’s on edge as Tim welcomes Jackson and Miley inside.

How will the meeting with her estranged daughter go?

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