Coronation Street investigation: how many bedrooms in each of the houses – and who sleeps where?

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Coronation Street

Coronation Street houses have left fans scratching their heads for years, wondering who sleeps where, and how some homes seem to expand depending on who needs a bed for the night.

But worry not!

We’ve worked out exactly who lives where in Coronation Street, so you don’t have to!

Melanie Hill has quit Coronation Street after seven years on the soap (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street houses

Coronation Street begins, of course, with the Rovers Return on the corner of Rosamund Street.

It’s occupied by Jenny Connor and her lodger Glenda Shuttleworth. And it apparently only has two bedrooms because when Glenda moved in, Daisy moved out – even though for a while a Jenny was operating a B&B too.

Next door is the Barlows’ pad.

No.1 Coronation Street is home to – brace yourself – Ken, Tracy, Steve, Daniel, Daisy, Bertie and now Amy’s moved in, too.

Amy’s on the sofa, and Ken, and Tracy and Steve sleep upstairs, with Daisy, Daniel and Bertie all in the front room downstairs.

The Baileys live in No.3, where now James has moved out, things must feel more spacious. With Ed’s building skills perhaps he created a bedroom for little Glory when he refurbed the house? But either way, she lives there with dad Michael, as well as Ed and his wife Aggie.

It’s pretty cramped in No.1 (Credit: ITV)

A tight squeeze!

No.5 is a real puzzler. There’s no front room that anyone can use as a bedroom, and somehow Gemma, Chesney, the quads, Joseph and Bernie all live there. No wonder Joseph hid in Hope’s attic – he was probably just after some privacy!

Dev, Aadi and Asha are at No.7. Until 2019, Aadi and Asha shared a room, with Mary Taylor also living there.

But when Asha was struggling with her low self-esteem, Mary moved out so the twins could have their own bedroom.

Elsewhere, Tyrone, Fiz, Ruby and Hope live next door in No.9. We know the girls share, and the house also has a front room where it’s believed Evelyn sleeps.

Eileen’s house has been described as the TARDIS before! (Credit: ITV)

Eileen’s house explained!

No.11 is another mystery.

It’s home to Eileen Grimshaw, her son Todd, and lodgers Mary Taylor and Sean Tully and Sean’s teenage son Dylan.

Back in 2020, Sean worried about when his son Dylan would stay and wanted him to have his own bedroom.

When asked how Sean actor Antony Cotton told Entertainment Daily and other media: “Sean lives in the front parlour. And up north they used to have a front parlour because they never had a toilet. So they’d have a front parlour, which was an extra room.”

He continued: “Now some people would have it as a parlour, some people would have it as a bedroom because there wasn’t a toilet upstairs, because they’d have two up, two down and one out the back.

“So Sean has always been in the front parlour and we’re saying that upstairs there is three bedrooms.”

This side of the Street is completed by Kevin Webster, his wife Abi, and their sons Jack and Alfie at No.13 and Dee-dee Bailey and Paul Foreman live in the flat above Dev’s shop.

Where do they all sleep at No.5? It’s a mystery! (Credit: ITV)

The new houses on Coronation Street

Across the road in the modern houses are Sally and Tim Metcalfe in No.4, with occasional visits from Tim’s mum Elaine.

No.6 is home to Yasmeen, Stu, Eliza and Alya, who have a bit more space now Zeedan’s gone back to London.

And No.8 houses David, Shona, Lily and Max (when he’s not in prison), and Gail. The Platts converted a garage into bedroom where, for a while, evil Callum’s body lay in a drain under the house. No wonder the garden’s full of sink holes!

Sally and Tim live in one of the modern terraces (Credit: ITV)

The flats in Coronation Street

Because Weatherfield is full of shops and businesses, there’s no shortage of flats above for people to live in.

Roy and his niece Nina live above Roy’s Rolls, of course.

Billy and Summer live above Tracy’s florist, Preston’s Petals.

Beth and Kirk live over the kebab shop, and Aaron and Amy rent the flat above the builders’ yard.

Peter and Carla live above Street Cars in a flat that was only recently seen for the first time, while Faye and Craig live above Audrey’s in a flat owned by Tyrone.

Gary and Maria live in Victoria Court (Credit: ITV)

Going up in the world!

In the posh Victoria Court flats are Leanne and Sam, and Nick when he’s not making deals with dodgy drug dealers. Plus Leanne’s adopted son Simon.

Sarah, Adam, and Sarah’s son Harry live in the flats as well.

And Maria, Gary, Liam and sometimes Gary’s son Jake, all live there too,

And of course, over in Grasmere Drive is Audrey! And her killer son, Stephen Reid.

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Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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