BBC TV licence fees to soar as payers facing end of two-year freeze

17 Mar 2023, 12:00
17 Mar 2023, 12:05


BBC TV licence fees are set to soar as payers face the end of a two-year freeze on costs.

Licence fee payers will see an increase of £13 when the freeze comes to an end at the end of 2024.

The licence fee is set to increase (Credit: Pixabay)

BBC TV licence fee price set to soar

The TV licence fee is set to increase, it has been reported.

However, viewers will have a year to prepare for the fee increase.

The BBC tv licence fee won’t be increasing until the end of 2024 at the end of the two-year price freeze.

The increase in question will amount to an extra £13 per year.

This will mean that from the end of 2024 onwards, the price of a licence fee will be £172 per year.

This will put an increasing strain on households already struggling with the cost of living crisis.

Nadine Dorries signed off on the two-year price freeze (Credit:

Two year price freeze to end in 2024

Former culture secretary Nadine Dorries signed off on the price freeze last year.

“I am in favour of freezing it until a full review of how the BBC is funded is completed and alternatives explored,” she said.

A BBC spokesperson addressed the price increase, as reported by the MailOnline.

“The Government agreed a six-year licence fee settlement in January 2022 which froze the licence fee for two years, with increases in line with inflation from 2024,” they said.

“It is not for the BBC to speculate on what inflation might be and how that might impact the licence fee in future years,” they then continued.

They then added it’s up to the government to “set” the licence cost each year.

“The BBC will continue to focus on what it does best: working to deliver world-class content and value for all its audiences,” they then added.

King Charles’ coronation will be free to watch (Credit: BBC)

BBC TV licence fee to be suspended for coronation

Elsewhere, the BBC licence fee is set to be suspended for the coronation weekend.

This means that King Charles’ coronation will be free to watch, it was announced last month.

Venues will also be able to screen the historic event live without needing to pay a fee.

The BBC explained that the dispensation has been granted in “exceptional circumstances”.

Two events from the coronation will be broadcast on live TV.

The first event will be the coronation itself, which will be broadcast live from Westminster Abbey.

The second will be the Coronation Concert, which will be broadcast live from Windsor Castle.

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