The Bay on ITV1: All the burning questions we have after watching episode 2

15 Mar 2023, 22:02
13 Mar 2023, 16:58

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The Bay continued on ITV1 this week, and dodgy Dean was still very much in the spotlight – but what else happened in episode 2 of series 4?

The great Morecambe-based drama aired on Wednesday night (March 15, 2023) and the mystery around Beth Metcalfe’s death deepened.

But we’re still mystified as to who killed her and why?

Here are all the burning questions we have after watching The Bay series 4 episode 2 on ITV1.

***Warning: spoilers from The Bay series 4 episode 2 ahead***

Morecambe’s MIU team continued to investigate the death of mum of four Beth Metcalfe (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Who sent the abusive messages to Beth Metcalfe before her death?

Viewers learnt that someone had been sending Beth Metcalfe a barrage of nasty messages before she died.

The police believe the messages were from the same person, hiding behind anonymous accounts.

But why and who?

We already know that Beth was a mum of four, who worked in a care home.

So who had it in for her?

And are the messages connected to her death?

The Bay series 4 episode 2: Are we happy for Tony Manning?

Tony Manning was all loved up again with his ex-wife Ellen, played by Kerrie Taylor.

And he certainly seemed happy.

But, sorry Tony, this has disaster written all over it.

Tony deserves better than being his ex’s bit on the side.

We hope he doesn’t get his heart broken again!

TV favourite Daniel Ryan stars as DI Manning in The Bay (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Where’s Beth’s brother Alex?

As Morecambe’s MIU team continued to investigate Beth’s tragic death, they looked into her brother Alex.

As mentioned in The Bay episode 1, Beth was estranged from her sibling.

But we don’t yet know why.

All we know is that Alex has a history of illness and being on benefits, and that he discharged himself from hospital several years ago.

Weird that he hasn’t shown up yet?

The Bay series 4 episode 2: Is Jenn’s job in danger?

As The Bay series 4 continued with episode 2, Jenn seemed worried about the cutbacks affecting the team.

It’s possible that the team will be shut down and merged with Lancaster.

Jenn heard that they are bound to “lose people in the team” but will it be “last in, first out”?

If so, Jenn’s job is in danger.

Marsha Thomason as DS Jenn Townsend in The Bay series 4 (Credit: Jed Knight / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Was Izzy the target of the petrol bomb?

We learnt more about Beth and Dean’s daughter Izzy in The Bay series 4 episode 2.

The team interviewed Izzy’s on-off boyfriend Brandon Powell, who has a history of starting fires.

Although he insisted they’d split up, Izzy seemed to have other ideas.

When asked about the fire, Brandon said: “It could have been anybody.

“Izzy was always pissing people off.”

He also revealed that Izzy wasn’t where she said she’d been on the night of the fire.

Later we discovered that she has a history of violence – having been suspended from her school for fighting.

Was “troublemaker” Izzy the intended target of the petrol bomb?

What was going on with Dean and Beth’s marriage?

Dean and Beth clearly had a terrible marriage.

Beth didn’t confide in her husband when she started receiving abusive messages.

He didn’t even know his daughter had been suspended from school, so clearly not a hands-on family member.

We also discovered that she was researching divorce lawyers, and had been attending marriage counselling WITHOUT her husband.

Although he swears he didn’t cheat on his wife, there are other ways to be crap – and why did he have a second phone?

Frankly, he’s as dodgy as they come…

However that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of killing her.

At the end of episode 2, we saw Dean trying to close Beth’s bank account and access her money, and he also lost his cool in front of his kids, smashing the B&B up.

Yes, he’s grieving, but is downing whiskey the way to deal with it?

Joe Armstrong as Dean Metcalf in the cast of The Bay series 4 (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 episode 2: Who was in the Skoda Yeti?

Police finally tracked down Ozzie Peel, the low-level criminal who grassed up his gang to get less jail time.

Having just been released, he was staying in a halfway house just down the street from the Metcalfe home.

Although police initially believed he could have been the intended victim, Ozzie made it clear his enemies could have killed him in jail.

However, he DID see something interesting on the night of the fire.

Ozzie said he saw a car parked out the back with the engine running…

So who was in the car, and were they the fire-starters?

What else happened in The Bay series 4 episode 2?

Also in The Bay series 4 episode 2, we saw Marsha’s daughter Maddie being targeted by a school bully, while Chris’ daughter Erin bunked off school to meet her boyfriend.

We also learnt that Dean owes money to a loan shark, which may or may not be motive for murder.

Meanwhile, Terry and Carl McGregor popped up again, with Carl seemingly very upset about Beth’s death for someone who’s an old colleague of Dean.

Anybody else smell something fishy? And it’s not Morecambe’s famous fish and chips industry!

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The Bay series 4 continues on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 9pm on ITV1. All episodes are currently on ITVX.

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