Meghan Markle warned ‘tone-deaf’ venture could ‘harm hers and Harry’s brand’

16 Mar 2023, 17:43

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

In latest Meghan Markle news, the 41-year-old has been warned her “tone deaf” new reported venture could “harm hers and Harry’s brand.

Meghan, who married Prince Harry in 2018, is reportedly bringing back her wellness and lifestyle blog, the Tig.

Meghan closed the site down in 2017 before announcing her engagement to Prince Harry.

However, an expert has since chimed in to claim how Meghan’s relaunch of the blog could be seen as “tone-deaf or out of touch”.

Meghan’s new alleged venture could be seen as ‘tone-deaf’, says expert (Credit:

Meghan Markle news: Duchess’s new venture ‘branded tone-deaf’

Speaking to, Justin, a branding expert and author, has revealed the “risks” Meghan and Harry would be taking if she was to relaunch her blog.

And one of the “main risks” is that it “could be seen as a distraction” from Meghan’s other variety of philanthropic and business ventures.

“There is also the possibility that The Tig’s relaunch could be perceived as tone-deaf or out of touch, given the ongoing global pandemic and economic challenges facing many people worldwide,” Justin added.

The relaunch of Meghan’s blog ‘could be seen as a distraction’ (Credit:

Meghan blog

Justin claimed that if the content fails to resonate with the audience and address current issues, “it could damage Meghan’s brand and reputation”.

He added: “Any missteps in terms of partnerships, sponsorships, or merchandise could potentially harm both Meghan and Harry’s brands. They need to ensure that they only align themselves with brands and organisations that share their values and beliefs and avoid any conflicts of interest or ethical violations.”

Justin also noted that to avoid ruining their brand, the couple needs to “carefully strategise their approach” and “stay true to their values”.

Meghan Markle and The Tig

The Tig website, which was named after her favourite wine and was launched in 2014, was Meghan’s personal blog.

On it, she shared posts on topics ranging from food and travel to fashion, beauty, politics and inspirational women.

Although she shut it down in 2017, reports have suggested Meghan is bringing it back.

Harry and Meghan’s brand ‘could be damaged’ (Credit:

The Tig to come back as soon as next week?

According to the Mirror, the Duchess has got the official preliminary approval to revive Tig.

Any missteps in terms of partnerships, sponsorships, or merchandise could potentially harm both Meghan and Harry’s brands.

The report claims that Meghan may also dole out “commentary in the field of personal relationships”. And she could also become a kind of agony aunt.

The website is apparently “set to go live as soon as next week.”

Meghan and Harry released their Netflix docuseries recently (Credit: Netflix)

Meghan spoke about the Tig on Netflix series

The former Suits actor spoke about the blog in an episode of her explosive docuseries on Netflix, Harry and Meghan.

“It wasn’t just a hobby—it became a really successful business,” Meghan said.

She then added: “I’ve never really been the type of person to do only one thing. I guess that’s how my website was born. There was fashion, tons of food, and travel—all the things that I loved.”

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