Fergie makes shock revelation about being arrested with Princess Diana on hen night

16 Mar 2023, 11:33

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Fergie and Diana once got arrested on a hen night, the Duchess of York has revealed in a bombshell interview.

The shocking incident reportedly happened during Sarah’s hen do before her wedding to Prince Andrew in 1986.

Sarah was on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently (Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube)

Fergie shares shock Diana story

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently, Fergie made a shock revelation about herself and Princess Diana.

The Duchess of York revealed that she and Princess Diana were arrested during her hen do in 1986.

The shocking event took place before her marriage to Prince Andrew that year.

In the interview, which aired yesterday (Wednesday, March 15), Sarah explained that she and her friends dressed up as police officers for the hen do.

They then headed to a club where they were refused service due to what they were wearing.

They then had a run-in with the police, who arrested them for impersonating officers.

“It was extraordinary,” Sarah said of the event.

Diana was arrested on the hen do (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Fergie and Diana once got arrested during wild hen party

The Duchess of York then continued, saying: “We went to a nightclub. Because of course you go to a nightclub with the Princess of Wales.

“I was just still Fergie, wasn’t married yet,” she then added.

“We went into this nightclub. She [Diana] was very good at her costume. Anyway, so we sat down, and this waiter came up to us and said ‘excuse me, this is a member’s club and it’s for fun. We don’t serve police officers here’,” she laughed.

“Looking straight at us!” she exclaimed.

“They thought you were real police officers and they kicked police officers out?” a shocked Kelly Clarkson asked.

Sarah then said that they had left the club, where the Duchess of York had told Diana to remain in character as a police officer.

“We were then arrested,” she then said.

The Duchess of York had the audience in stitches with her story (Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube)

Sarah Ferguson recalls shock story

Sarah then continued, saying: “We were arrested by Parks Police.

“So we go in the back of the van, and she [Diana] had put her engagement ring around the other way and I’d put mine around the other way,” she continued.

“We were sitting in there and she looked around saw smoky bacon-flavoured crisps and started taking them and eating them,” Sarah then went on to say.

Eventually they realised that it was, you know, Diana…and me.

“The policeman in the front said ‘you can’t do that!’. And then eventually they realised that it was, you know, Diana…and me,” she said.

Kelly then asked Sarah why they were arrested.

“Oh, because we were impersonating police officers,” she said, laughing.

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