Emmerdale: Where is Carl King now? Tom Lister’s huge weight loss revealed

16 Mar 2023, 16:42

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In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Thursday March 16, 2023), Jimmy mentioned his three late King brothers.

His brothers Matthew, Max and Carl have now all passed away.

But, where is Carl King now?

Carl King was played by Tom Lister (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Who played Carl King in Emmerdale?

Carl King was played by actor Tom Lister.

Before Emmerdale, Tom appeared in episodes of The Bill and Heartbeat.

The now 44-year-old joined Emmerdale in 2004.

Carl King was involved in his fair share of deaths (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who was Carl King?

Carl King appeared in Emmerdale between 2004-2012.

He first arrived in the village as a spy for his family business King & Sons, snooping on Tate Haulage.

Soon after his arrival, Carl helped cover up the accidental death of Paul Marsden.

Opening up about Paul’s death to Chas, Carl soon started a relationship with her.

However, this relationship hit a rocky patch when Carl had a one-night stand with Chloe Atkinson, who from then on was desperate to split the couple up.

A couple of years later, Carl killed his dad, Tom King, hitting him on the head and pushing him out of his window.

Tom had tried to bribe Chas to break up with Carl.

Carl eventually confessed to the murder of Tom but watched his girlfriend, DCI Grace Barraclough, get hit by a lorry before he could be punished.

Carl eventually moved on and married Lexi King although he only married her because she found out the truth about Tom’s murder.

Things eventually turned sour and Lexi left him.

After ending things with Lexi, Carl got back with Chas but soon embarked on an affair with Eve Jenson.

Chas found out about the affair and decided to expose Carl on her and Carl’s wedding day.

When Chas moved on and married Dan Spencer, Carl found out about her affair with Cameron Murray and tried to blackmail her.

Chas pretended that she was interested in Carl again but really she was just trying to make him take back his threats.

It was ultimately Chas who helped contribute to Carl’s downfall.

Jimmy is the last surviving King brother (Credit: Photo by ITV/Shutterstock)

What happened to Jimmy’s brothers?

Jimmy’s three brothers Matt, Max and Carl have all passed away.

Max King died in 2005.

He and Robert Sugden had planned on leaving the village before Robert and Andy got into a fight.

Max then changed his mind about leaving with Robert and got into Andy’s car.

Robert was furious and drove at them, making Max swerve through a brick wall.

The Land Rover exploded, killing Max.

Matt died in 2008 after having a violent showdown with brother Carl.

Matt had been trying to run over Carl when he realised that his partner, Anna, was in the way.

With this, he swerved but crashed into a wall and went through the windscreen, dying in Anna’s arms.

Carl King was the last of Jimmy’s brothers to die.

He died in 2012 during the soap’s 40th anniversary.

After threatening Chas over Cameron, Chas hit Carl on the head with a brick.

She believed she had killed him but it was actually Cameron who went back and delivered the final blow that killed Carl.

Tom has lost a lot of weight recently (Credit: ITV)

Where is Tom Lister now?

After leaving Emmerdale, Tom Lister went on to appear in 42nd Street – The Musical, The Doll Maker and Doctors.

Tom has also lost a lot of weight recently.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Lee | Online Transformation Coach (@leejonespt)

Taking to Instagram earlier this month, Tom shared some topless photos of himself to share his weight loss journey with his followers.

Tom explained that he had been working with an online coach over the last six months.

He wrote: “Covid hit me HARD in terms of lack of work opportunities, leaving me feeling a bit bereft and low on self esteem and motivation. This resulted in me piling on the weight and feeling pretty [bleep] all round.”

He then announced: “I have lost over 16kg (2.5 Stone in old money) and I haven’t been this lean for over 20 years.”

The pictures featured him in just his underwear to prove how fit he’s become!

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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