EastEnders spoilers: Zack rejects Whitney after they kiss

16 Mar 2023, 10:33
16 Mar 2023, 16:30

EastEnders, Whitney Dean, Zack Hudson

EastEnders spoilers for next week have revealed that grieving mum Whitney feels crushed after Zack rejects her following a kiss.

The pair get close in a touching moment, but when Zack rejects Whitney after they kiss, she’s left humiliated and confused.

After Martin and Sharon give him advice about how to be strong for Whitney, Zack comes up with an idea.

He wants to make a gesture that he hopes will honour their late daughter Peach and bring them closer.

Only when he shares his plan with Whitney, she says she doesn’t want to be involved.

Find out all the details in EastEnders spoilers.

Zack has an idea but will Whitney go along with it? (Credit: BBC)

Zack rejects Whitney in EastEnders spoilers

Having talked things over with her best pal Chelsea, Whitney changes her mind and goes along with Zack’s plan.

Later when friends and family have left, the bereaved parents have time alone together, united in grief over their tragic baby girl.

Overcome with emotion about their situation, Whitney kisses Zack and at first he responds.

But when he then pulls away from her embrace, Whitney is totally devastated.

Grieving Whitney weighs up what Zack has proposed (Credit: BBC)

Zack can’t explain why he’s holding back

While Whitney feels shunned by the person she should be closest to right now, she doesn’t know why Zack has pulled back.

He doesn’t want to get close while he can’t find the right words to admit that he’s HIV positive.

Chelsea reaches out to her friend again, advising Whit that she needs to open up to Zack about how she’s feeling.

But Whitney can’t see past this latest blow, and instead broods over why Zack is being so distant.

Will Zack’s confidante Sam persuade him to be honest with Whitney? (Credit: BBC)

Whitney feels abandoned by Zack

After all they have been through together she had hoped he’d be able to comfort her, not push her away.

Will Zack find the courage to be honest about why he is keeping Whitney at arms’ length?

And if he is honest about his health situation, will Whitney find a way to understand and accept what she’s hearing. Or will it be her turn to reject him, when Zack is desperate for her to now support him?

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