Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah cheats on Adam – with Damon?

16 Mar 2023, 16:46

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In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Sarah rows with Adam and ends up flirting with Damon at a hotel.

After having a few drinks, Sarah invites Damon up to her room for a drink.

But, does Sarah cheat on Adam with Damon in Coronation Street next week?

Sarah invites Damon up to her room (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah flirts with Damon

Next week, Nick’s furious when he finds Damon at the Bistro.

Damon informs him that he’s hired a new solicitor – Adam – angering Sarah after knowing that Damon brought drugs into Nick’s business.

Nick’s furious that Adam is representing Damon.

Sarah rows with Adam and decides to go to a hotel for their date night alone.

At the hotel bar, Sarah spots Damon having a drink and starts talking to him.

She doesn’t know who he is and explains that she’s had a row with her husband.

After a few drinks, Sarah invites Damon up to her hotel room.

But, will Sarah cheat on Adam?

And, will she find out Damon’s identity?

Sarah tells Damon to back off (Credit: ITV)

Sarah makes a desperate plea to Damon

Returning from her solo date night, Sarah is furious to discover that Adam is still representing Damon.

In the ginnel, Sarah makes a desperate plea for Damon to stay away from Nick.

She also begs him to stop working with Adam.

Unfortunately for Sarah, Damon doesn’t make any promises, not giving in easily.

Later on, Dee-Dee tells Damon that it’s likely that he’ll go down for his crimes.

Damon’s smile is wiped off of his face after hearing this news.

In response, Damon heads to the bistro and has it out with Nick in the bistro office.

But, will Nick pay for calling the cops on Damon?

Will Damon let him get away with things?

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