Coronation Street fans slam writers as they make desperate plea to soap over Stephen

16 Mar 2023, 12:46

Coronation Street, Stephen Reid

In last night’s episode of Coronation Street (Wednesday March 15, 2023), Rufus threatened Stephen after finding out that he had been drugging Carla.

Rufus explained that he had nothing left to lose by telling Carla the truth.

Now, Coronation Street fans have slammed writers as they’ve made a desperate plea to the soap over Stephen.

Stephen drugged Carla – again! (Credit: ITV)

Stephen continued to drug Carla

Last night, Stephen continued to drug Carla with LSD as she carried out an important meeting with the Americans.

Carla started hallucinating whilst Stephen took over the meeting.

Afterwards, Carla told everyone to get out of the factory.

Later on, Stephen was rumbled by Rufus who had seen Carla looking unwell.

He confronted Stephen in the Rovers as the factory staff were celebrating the deal.

Rufus asked him how long he’d been drugging Carla for, before threatening to expose him to her himself.

Initially, Stephen made out that Carla had been suffering from psychosis but he then realised that Rufus had worked him out.

Stephen threatened to tell Rufus’ wife about him hiring a sex worker in his hotel but Rufus explained that his wife had left him and that he now had nothing to lose.

Fans want the storyline to end (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans beg soap to end Stephen storyline

After seeing Stephen continue to drug Carla, fans have slammed Coronation Street writers.

They’ve made a desperate plea for the soap to end the Stephen drugging storyline.

One Coronation Street fan commented: “I think I’m going to start a petition on to get Stephen killed off in Corrie permanently! I’m bored witless by the whole story in the factory!”

I think I’m going to start a petition on to get Stephen killed off in #Corrie permanently! I’m bored witless by the whole story in the factory!

— Just Me (@UndecidedMs) March 15, 2023

I hope this whole Stephen story ends soon it’s so boring 😴 just get him found out already #corrie

— dan the chatterbox (@chattymandan) March 15, 2023

Starting to really go off #Corrie & #Emmerdale with these current storylines!! #Stephen needed killing off months ago!! 🥱 @itvcorrie @emmerdale

— Lyndsey Fitzpatrick 🫀♻️🔜💝 (@LyndseyFitz) March 15, 2023

Another viewer tweeted: “I hope this whole Stephen story ends soon, it’s boring. Just get him found out already.”

A third person exclaimed: “Starting to really go off Corrie and Emmerdale with these current storylines!! Stephen needed killing off months ago!!”

“Will the writers finally get rid of Stephen? Getting really annoying now and his voice gets on my [bleep] nerves,” said one more.

Someone else added: “So script writers, you must be crazy if you reckon frequent LSD in a drink, a young woman raped whilst she was asleep and a woman stalked is some kind of entertainment?….make it stop.”

“I wish they’d hurry up and write the Stephen Reid character out,” said another.

A final tweet said: “AWFUL storyline. New script writers ASAP or it will be too late.”

Are you sick of Stephen drugging Carla?

Will Stephen be caught sooner rather than later? (Credit: ITV)

When will Stephen be caught?

Fans are desperate for Stephen to be caught.

However, it seems that Stephen’s storyline has a long way to go before he gets his comeuppance.

In a Loose Women interview last month, Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod revealed: “Bad guys always get their comeuppance in the end… there’s a lot of fun to be had between now and then, I will say… there’s a little way to go yet.”

Later this week, viewers will see Stephen sneak into Carla’s flat whilst she’s asleep and tamper with her grill.

But, is Stephen only just warming up?

Will things get worse before they get better?

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