Tipping Point’s ‘strict wardrobe rule’ for contestants revealed by former player

15 Mar 2023, 16:28

Tipping Point

Tipping Point has a  “strict wardrobe” rule for contestants, a former player has revealed.

The previous contestant, who goes by the name of Di, appeared on the game show in 2016.

Last year, Di opened up about her experiences and even revealed the show’s “strict wardrobe” rule.

Tipping Point sees contestants compete against one another by answering general knowledge questions (Credit: ITV)

Tipping Point’s ‘strict wardrobe’ rule

Sharing her experiences on her blog, which was revealed by The Sun, she said: “We had to take 5 tops and 2 bottoms – no white, no pastels, no black, no small patterns, etc.

“I popped into GAP and bought three different colours of the same top – and wasn’t allowed to wear any of them!

“You can’t wear high heels either (Health & Safety) although my friend Sue reckons height gives you a decent advantage in seeing the counters…”

She also said that although players arrive to the studio with their own makeup, the makeup team adds some touches.

Di added that contestants receive absorbent underarm pads to prevent sweat marks.

The former player also revealed that despite filming in May 2016, her episode was aired in October 2017.

Di was reportedly told that it would only take 12 months for the episode to air. Therefore, she felt “frustrated” when it took 17 months.

She was also told that she couldn’t go on another gameshow until after six months of her episode airing.

Di revealed the strict wardrobe rules that contestants must follow (Credit: ITV)

Fans reaction to Monday’s episode

Fans were recently left fuming while watching Monday’s (March 13) episode of Tipping Point.

Taking to Twitter, many weren’t too pleased when they discovered that they were watching a repeat.

One person said: “Blimey how old is this episode?”

A second wrote: “Blimey this one’s old. There’s 4 people!! Sort it out ITV.”

“Switched TV on to notice this ancient episode, goodness,” another added.

And a fourth user said: “Another repeat episode with four people! What’s the point. Switching off.”

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