Emmerdale spoilers: Cathy disappears after devastating health diagnosis

15 Mar 2023, 14:26

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Latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that young Cathy Hope is set to disappear after recieving a devastating health diagnosis.

After Cathy is taken to hospital following a manic episode, Manpreet and Wendy start to delve deepers into her symptoms.

But what could be the cause of Cathy’s issues?

And how will she react when Manpreet reveals a devastating diagnosis?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this story in full below.

Manpreet tells Bob that she thinks she might know what’s up with Cathy (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet shares her suspected diagnosis with Bob

As the storyline continues, Bernice and Wendy do their best to support Bob throughout his daughter’s struggle.

Soon, Manpreet and Wendy make a breakthrough in diagnosing the cause of her symptoms.

However, the implications of this discovery leave them worried.

Later, Manpreet tells Bob that Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder may be the root cause of Cathy’s suffering.

How will he – and Cathy – react?

Eavesdropping, Cathy overhears the suspected cause of her problems (Credit: ITV)

Cathy is horrified to learn the cause of her mood swings

Little do they know, but Cathy is eavesdropping on the conversation.

Cathy is horrified to hear that this disorder could affect her for decades to come.

Bob decides not to tell Cathy about Manpreet’s diagnosis until it can be officially confirmed.

However, Cathy walks in and tells them that she heard everything.

Bob tries to be sympathetic and insists they’ll get through it together.

But heartbroken Cathy isn’t ready to listen to his comforting words, and leaves.

Can Bob find his daughter before she suffers another manic turn?

Bob is determined to support Cathy… but he’ll have to find her first (Credit: ITV)

Devastated Cathy disappears

Bob searches for Cathy, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Eventually, When Bob does find Cathy, he does his best to reassure her.

He is determined to support his daughter through anything which might follow.

Can Cathy and Bob find the help she needs?

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