Ed Balls forced to apologise for his behaviour live on GMB as Susanna Reid looks shocked

15 Mar 2023, 11:11

Ed Balls, Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid

Ed Balls was forced to apologise for his behaviour on today’s show (March 15) of GMB.

Presenting the show with Susanna Reid, 52, the former Labour MP swore live on air.

The anchors had been discussing Danny Dyer, leading to Ed stating that the actor had once used the ‘T-word’ on the show.

Susanna Reid and Ed Balls had an interesting conversation about the things you can’t say on GMB (Credit: ITV)

Ed Balls forced to apologise

Susanna first said: “We do love Danny Dyer on this programme. He caused quite a stir didn’t he when he was talking about Brexit.”

Ed then asked: “I was here, he used the T word, are we allowed to say that this early?,” to which Susanna replied: “No we can’t! It’s on the Ofcom list.”

I apologise, then, I didn’t mean to say that.

However, Ed then added: “So you can’t say [bleep] then? Just checking!,” resulting in Susanna saying: “You do know we are on air don’t you?”

“I apologise, then, I didn’t mean to say that,” Ed replied. “I am sorry I didn’t know.”

Fan reaction

Ed was forced to apologise on air (Credit: ITV)

Taking to Twitter, many fans were left in hysterics over Ed’s live on air antics.

One person said: “Susanna just had a proper mum reaction to Ed saying [bleep] on #gmb.”

A second wrote: “Ed Balls dropped the T-bomb when he knew what the word was but said it anyway!!Gold! #GMB.”

“Bizarre swearing by Ed Balls on purpose – saying the ‘[bleep]’. Weird #GMB,” another added.

And a fourth user wrote: “#GMB Ed ‘So you can’t use the ‘T’ word?’, ‘No’ responds Suzanna, ‘So I can’t say [bleep]?”, responds Ed. Oh Edmond.”

Ed Balls speaks about his stammer

Speaking on GMB, Ed recently opened up about his stammer and its impact on his work.

He said: “I didn’t think that you could have therapy if you’re a politician, and certainly not admit to it. But I did when I was a cabinet minister.

“And actually, all the advice was you have to go and talk about it publicly because that is the thing that will make the difference and that is true, but I don’t think I believed that.”

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