EastEnders spoilers tonight: Lola kicks Jay out after he’s caught ‘cheating’

15 Mar 2023, 13:23

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Our EastEnders spoilers tonight have revealed that, as Jay is caught in a compromising position with another girl, Lola kicks him out.

But is there more to the situation than meets the eye?

Elsewhere, Whitney struggles with her feelings after losing baby Peach.

Meanwhile, Jean tries to mend bridges between Kat and Stacey.

And Keanu and Chelsea go on a date – while Ravi digs his claws in.

Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight in full below.

Emma and Jay can’t agree on how they should best support Lola (Credit: BBC)

Jay and Emma clash as Lola boots him out

Jay and Emma clash over their different approaches to Lola’s health.

Emma wants Jay to stop being so over-protective, but he is adamant that Lola shouldn’t be doing too much.

They convince Jay to go out and blow off some steam with Ben and Callum.

Meanwhile, Emma accompanies Lola to the hospital.

However, the doctor has some worrying news for Lola.

Emma and Lola convince Jay to take a night off – but it soon backfires (Credit: BBC)

Lola doesn’t want Emma to get Jay – but she goes to find him anyway.

Jay is out with Ben and Callum and is talking to Shanti – a woman on a hen night she’s not enjoying.

They are talking about how much Jay loves Lola, when Emma walks in and sees them, too close for comfort.

Jay is stunned when he arrives home to find Lola furious at him.

She tells him that Emma saw him with another girl.

She kicks him out, fearing he’s cheated on her.

Whitney returns to work on the market (Credit: BBC)

Whitney struggles with her feelings

Whitney’s first day back on the market is tough as Mother’s Day is everywhere she looks.

It does her good to be busy, however.

But when she gets the call to say Peach’s ashes are ready to collect, she is shattered.

Zack tries to talk to her, but struggling Whit runs off and lashes out at everyone for making her go back to work too soon.

When Zack finds her at home, Whitney insists she’s not ready to say goodbye to Peach.

Martin tries to make Stacey see sense (Credit: BBC)

Jean and Martin try to heal the Kat and Stacey divide

Jean tries to broker peace between warring Kat and Stacey, but to no avail.

Martin returns home flush with cash and ready to help. But can he make headstrong Stacey listen?

He tells her that turning down Kat’s help would be silly.

Stacey agrees to apologise but, just as it looks like she and Kat have called a truce, it all kicks off again.

Ravi strongarms in on Chelsea and Keanu’s date

Keanu and Chelsea go on a date at The Vic.

But, when Keanu’s back is turned, Ravi slithers over.

He begins flirting with flattered Chelsea.

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