Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Stephen destroys Carla

15 Mar 2023, 12:32

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Our Coronation Street spoilers tonight can reveal that Stephen steps up his campaign against Carla, with catastrophic consequences.

Has Stephen succeeded in his mission to get rid of Carla?

When will Carla realise what Stephen has been doing to her?

In other Coronation Street spoilers tonight, Daisy tries to hide the extent of her anxiety from Daniel.

Meanwhile, Adam confides his worries in Peter and Steve.

Elsewhere, Nick feels despondent at the state of his family, and Fiz and Kirk upset a jealous Beth.

And, Tim tries to get through to Faye.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers tonight below.

Stephen punishes Carla for demeaning him with a double dose of LSD (Credit: ITV)

Stephen hits Carla hard

Carla goes to see Dr Gaddas.

She describes how each ‘episode’ feels like she’s tripping on drugs.

Dr Gaddas prescribes her with diazepam.

As the American team arrive for their business meeting, Stephen reminds Carla that she needs to be on top form.

Carla is furious at him – as she takes charge, she orders him to go make tea.

Angry at being belittled, Stephen double doses Carla’s drink.

As the meeting ends, the begins to LSD kicks in and Carla’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic.

With the Americans gone, the factory team are celebrating the deal.

However, they’re interrupted by a worse-for-wear Carla.

Furious, she barks at the dumbstruck girls to get out of her factory.

Stephen smirks knowingly to himself – has he finally destroyed Carla?

Ryan lends a sympathetic ear as Daisy tells him the extent of her anxiety (Credit: ITV)

Daisy tries to hide her emotions from Daniel

When Daisy spots a delivery van on the street, she suffers a panic attack.

Ryan sees her and does his best to calm her down.

Daisy opens up to him and tells him how she’s always looking over her shoulder.

Adam struggles with work

Later, Adam confides in Peter and Steve.

He tells them that he’s worried about his business.

What will he do next?

Monday’s episode saw Beth on a secret date with Marco – will her irritation at Fiz and Kirk send her into his arms? (Credit: ITV)

Fiz and Kirk irritate Beth

Kirk and Fiz reminisce about the time he proposed to her.

Watching, Beth is infuriated.

Will this drive her into Marco’s arms?

Despondent Nick confides in Sarah

Nick is miserable at the fact that neither Sam nor Leanne want anything to do with him.

When he tells Sarah, she comes up with an idea.

What will she tell Nick?

Sally and Tim have been seeing Jackson and Miley in secret (Credit: ITV)

Tim tries to make Faye see sense

Tim tries to convince Faye to get to know Miley.

He tells her that if she passes up this opportunity, she’ll regret it for the rest of her life.

Will Faye listen to her dad?

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