Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen kills Rufus in hole punch attack?

15 Mar 2023, 17:26

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Latest Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Stephen Reid may strike again – killing Rufus in a brutal hole punch attack.

This comes as Rufus threatens to tell everyone how Stephen has been drugging Carla.

Is Rufus to be Stephen’s latest victim?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this storyline below.

Stephen has emerged successful in deposing Carla as Underworld boss… but for how long? (Credit: ITV)

Stephen rules the roost at Underworld

This latest development follows as Stephen takes charge at the factory, following his seemingly successful campaign to undermine Carla.

Stephen has been drugging Carla’s drinks with LSD for the last few weeks.

With Carla off, the factory workers voted to put Stephen in charge.

And now, with Carla away, Stephen is forced to reckon with Rufus – who threatens to let everyone know what he’s been up to.

Will Stephen kill again when backed into a corner by Rufus?

With Carla off work, Peter is horrified to discover who has been left in charge (Credit: ITV)

Peter hits out at disloyal Underworld staff

As the storyline continues, Peter is shocked when he finds Stephen in charge at the factory.

He accuses the disloyal staff of betraying Carla.

Meanwhile, Stephen is about to sign the contract with the Americans.

But his satisfaction isn’t to last…

Grabbing a nearby hole punch, Stephen is ready to silence Rufus (Credit: ITV)

Rufus backs dangerous Stephen into a corner

Rufus appears at Underworld with an ultimatum for Stephen.

He orders Stephen to tear up the American contract.

He tells him that wants the sole rights to Nippersnapper.

Rufus says that if Stephen doesn’t play ball, he’ll spill the beans on what he’s been doing to Carla.

Furious, Stephen grabs the nearest weapon to hand – a hole punch.

With Rufus’s back turned, Stephen stalks up behind him, ready to strike.

Is Rufus about to become Stephen’s latest victim?

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