Unforgotten series 5: Does Jay know who killed his mum? The burning questions we have after episode 3

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10 Mar 2023, 12:55

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Unforgotten series 5 continued on ITV this week with episode 3, and each week it just gets better and better.

The writing is so damn clever, and it’s masterful to see how each of the different characters are slowly revealed to be connected to the death of Precious Falade.

And, yes, we know all the episodes are available to binge on ITVX.

But we’re going old school, and enjoying the wait – this show is way too good to rush.

Here are all the burning questions we have after watching episode 3 of Unforgotten series 5.

***Warning: spoilers from Unforgotten series 5 episode 3 ahead***

Max Rinehart as Karol Wojski and Claire Ganaye as Elise in Unforgotten series 5 episode 3 (Credit: ITV)

What does Karol know about Precious’ murder?

Just when we were wondering how on earth cab driver/factory worker Karol fit in to all this, we discovered his crucial link to Precious Falade.

Karol was the last person to see the victim alive – apart from her killer, of course (unless they are one and the same person).

Viewers learnt that Karol was the social worker assigned to Precious’ case.

However, the last time he was reported to have seen her, he resigned the next day.

And two weeks later, he left the country.

So what was so bad that he walked away from his career?

He has hinted that he “didn’t like who be became” while in London, and we’ve seen he has a temper…

Could he have killed Precious?

Unforgotten series 5 episode 3: Who is Lord Hume covering for?

Our fears were confirmed in Unforgotten series 5 episode 3 – Lord Tony Hume WAS the relative signing the Hammersmith house documents.

Of course, his initials are L.A. – Lord Anthony.

We learnt that the house belonged to the younger sister of Tony’s wife Emma (Hayley Mills).

The Tory peer had keys to the house, and was the one who changed the locks to deter the squatters from getting back in.

But why did he keep the keys for so long afterwards?

There’s definitely something very fishy about him – he lied to Jess James about the squatters being potentially violent, and is clearly atoning for past sins by offering Mustafa Ali money.

At the end of the episode, he called someone to say: “What did you do? Call me.”

Could Tony have killed Precious, or is he covering for someone? In which case, who?

Ian McElhinney as Lord Tony Hume in Unforgotten series 5 (Credit: ITV1)

Unforgotten series 5 episode 3: Does Jay know who killed his mum?

As we suspected in episode 2 of Unforgotten, serial thief Jay was revealed to be Precious’ son Joseph.

Viewers learnt that Joseph has a long criminal record, including arrests for theft and gang-related battery.

Now banged up in jail for mugging a pregnant woman, Jay’s future looks bleak.

At the end of the episode, we saw Jay – who has nothing to lose – make a phone call to a mystery person.

He said: “You don’t know me, but I know you.

“My mother was Precious Falade, and I was there that night.

“I was there and I saw it all.”

So does Jay know who killed him mum? And who was he on the phone to?

How are the cult The Family of Blessed Light involved?

During questioning, Precious’ mum Ebele revealed that her daughter had been “abducted by a cult”.

We discovered that, when Precious was 15, The Family of Blessed Light recruited her when they found her bunking off school in London.

Ebele (Martina Laird) says they brainwashed her and eventually she moved to Wales to be with them.

Teenager Precious was pregnant at the time.

Her mum believed that the leader of the cult, David Bell, was the father (who was 42 at the time).

Viewers also discovered that Precious was “scared of David”.

Meanwhile, son Joseph/Jay was raised between the cult and care once Precious returned to London.

Are the cult connected to Precious’ death, and will we get to meet groomer David?

Rhys Yates as Jay Royce in Unforgotten series 5 (Credit: ITV1)

Why did Ebele refuse to talk about her firearms charge?

Ebele is seriously damaged, but could she be a murderer?

In Unforgotten series 5 episode 3, Jess and Sunny learnt that Ebele has been arrested multiple times in the past for alcohol related offences.

And, in 1986, she was charged with ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) with a firearm.

However, when frosty duo Sunny and Jess questioned her, Ebele refused to talk about the offence.

She clearly wasn’t mother of the year, cutting off her daughter on her birthday just months before she died.

We also discovered that Precious suffered from learning difficulties and FASD – Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – a group of conditions that can occur in a person who was exposed to alcohol before birth.

Ebele refused to accept her daughter’s diagnosis.

Social worker Judy Mexbury (played by guest star Hayley Tamaddon) also explained that Ebele and Precious often fought physically, but that the “aggression came entirely from Ebele”.

Tragically, Precious’ notes say that her mother Ebele assaulted her and that her son wanted her to go back to sex work.

It’s all very murky, and we want justice for Precious.

But we also suspect that Ebele had a rough start in life, too.

Why does she hate men so much?

Unforgotten series 5 episode 3: Is Tony Hume planning on euthanasia?

Lord Tony Hume has terminal cancer, and it looks like he might be planning to end his own life.

He’s been emailing a Swiss clinic about dates, but needs to tie up a “few loose ends” first.

Is he going to choose euthanasia (voluntary death)?

It would be one way of escaping justice…

Are Sunny and Leanne getting closer? (Credit: ITV1)

Unforgotten series 5 episode 3: What on earth is going on with Sunny?

Oh Sunny, are you okay hon? We’re really worried about you!

First of all, he complained about Jess to his boss, which we really don’t blame him for.

After Jess called the pace of the team “glacial”, Sunny lost his temper and said to his superior: “Each day is worse than the last.

“She’s rude, she’s permanently distracted, unpleasant to my team.

“This really isn’t working for me.”

But later, Sunny (Sanjeev Bhaskar) really let himself down when he jumped on the Eurostar to Paris without even telling his pregnant partner Sal he was going.

In very upsetting scenes, Sal rang him when she believed she was miscarrying.

But the most worrying development in Unforgotten series 5 episode 3 was definitely Sunny’s little chat with Dr Leanne Balcombe.

Yes, we know a man and a woman can be just friends!

But did you see they were touching each other’s hands? And why can Sunny talk to Leanne, and not his own partner Sal?

We’re hearing alarm bells.

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Unforgotten series 5 continues on Monday, March 20, 2023 at 9pm on ITV1. All episodes are available to binge on ITVX.

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