Queen Consort Camilla had ‘great difficulty maintaining composure’ during Commonwealth service

14 Mar 2023, 17:32
14 Mar 2023, 17:32

Camilla, King Charles

Queen Consort Camilla and King Charles arrived at a service at Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day yesterday.

But all eyes were on Camilla as she struggled to hold onto her hat in the windy street.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily!, body language expert Darren Stanton revealed that Camilla was “concerned” and “embarrassed” over the near-mishap.

Camilla was ’embarrassed’ as she tried to hold onto her hat (Credit: Splash News)

Queen Consort Camilla faced ‘great difficulty’ during Commonwealth service

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton revealed Camilla had “great difficulty maintaining composure” while the wind tried to claim her hat.

The body language expert also claimed that Camilla “masked her emotions” of embarrassment with a “fake smile”.

She flashed a brief look of embarrassment, before masking her emotions.

He shared: “As Camilla entered the church with King Charles, she was having great difficulty maintaining her composure as the wind seemed to be intent on taking her hat.

“While she didn’t appear annoyed over the situation, she seemed concerned over her hat potentially blowing away in the wind.”

Darren added: “She flashed a brief look of embarrassment, before masking her emotions with a fake smile.”

Camilla was able to hold onto her bright blue hat in the end, before attending the Commonwealth Day service.

Commonwealth Day is marked every year and has been since the 1970s, typically on the second Monday of March.

The service celebrates the 56 countries which make up the Commonwealth, which King Charles now sits as the head of.

Camilla attended the Commonwealth Day service after losing her brother-in-law earlier this month (Credit: Splash News)

During yesterday’s service, the King paid tribute to his late mother the Queen in his first Commonwealth Day speech since becoming monarch.

He said: “Commonwealth Day was an occasion of particular pride for my beloved Mother, the late Queen — a treasured opportunity to celebrate our Commonwealth family, to whose service she dedicated her long and remarkable life.”

The King added: “The Commonwealth has been a constant in my own life, and yet its diversity continues to amaze and inspire me.

“Its near-boundless potential as a force for good in the world demands our highest ambition, its sheer scale challenges us to unite and be bold.”

The King gave a speech during the service on Monday (Credit: BBC)

Camilla family loss

Charles and Camilla’s appearance at the Commonwealth Day service follows a recent loss in the Queen Consort’s family.

She was reportedly “devastated” after the loss of her brother-in-law Simon Elliot.

He was married to her sister, Annabel, for 50 years before he passed away, aged 82, earlier this month.

His funeral is reportedly set to take place in Stourpaine, Dorset later this month.

It’s not confirmed if the Queen Consort will attend the funeral, as she has upcoming visits to France and Germany.

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