Fans express concern as they spot detail in senior royals’ Commonwealth appearance

14 Mar 2023, 14:24
14 Mar 2023, 14:24

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In royal family news, fans expressed concern yesterday as they spotted a ‘new’ detail surrounding the senior royals’ Commonwealth Day service appearance.

One Twitter user shared a clip of coverage from Monday’s (March 13) Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey that drew strong reactions from other social media users.

The footage showed King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla and other senior royals proceeding down the aisle for the start of the service.

They were joined by the Prince and Princess of Wales, the new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, and Princess Anne and Tim Laurence.

But cameras also captured two unidentified men, who were presumed to be security personnel, trailing behind, too.

King Charles and Camilla speaks with choirboys after Monday’s service (Credit:

Royal family news

“This is my first seeing SECURITY DETAILS being part of the procession,” the royal fan claimed as they shared the footage in a quote tweet.

“Is something going on behind the scenes? What could have lead to this change?”

Many other supporters quickly accepted this account of events, going on to speculate wildly about why members of the royal family might need security.

Fans react on Twitter

“I noticed that too,” one person replying agreed.

“Same thoughts,” concurred another.

A third person also claimed to not have noticed such a presence previously, writing: “I’ve never seen this before!”

Meanwhile, someone else echoed: “I’ve never noticed that before. I wonder why they’re doing that now?”

I’ve never noticed that before.

And another user put it: “This clip is significant. What a change of energy.”

Other users pondered without any evidence whether such a move could have any bearing the Coronation on May 6.

“They might’ve used today as a test run,” one surmised.

“As long as they’re keeping our RF safe, they can stand on the balcony!” tweeted another.

And someone else added: “Oh wow! Seeing this just made me a bit nervous.”

Plus, another person reckoned: “There is always a security present, but normally, they are out of sight.”

And yet another posted: “They have looks of deep concern on their faces… especially The Waleses.”

Two unidentified men follow the royals similarly at the Commonwealth Day service in 2020 (Credit: BBC YouTube)

Fact check

However, while the user sharing the clip may not have noticed security following royals previously, that may not be because it didn’t happen. They may just not have noticed.

To that end, one person among those rashly hypothesising about the situation piped up in the comments: “Please stop misinformation.”

Alongside their message they shared a screengrab from coverage of the Commonwealth Day service from 2020.

A reverse view of royals and presumed security walking down the aisle of Westminster Abbey in 2020 (Credit: BBC YouTube)

And footage of that event shows the Queen, then-Prince Charles and Camilla walking similarly down the aisle.

They too were followed a few paces behind by two unidentified men who appeared to be fulfilling the same function as those yesterday.

Recollections may vary, indeed.

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