Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet dead as Alex’s true plan is revealed?

14 Mar 2023, 15:23

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Latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that, as he finally reveals his true plan, Alex attacks Manpreet.

But will he kill her as he strikes?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this story below.

Alex listens in as Manpreet makes a phone call (Credit: ITV)

Alex senses an opportunity

With Charles continuing to eat humble pie over his treatment of Alex, he has no idea he’s about to be proved right.

Alex’s ears prick up when he overhears Manpreet on a phone call about the surgery’s drug delivery.

He then makes a secret phone call himself.

The next day, things get heated as Alex struggles to keep his cool when he speaks to the mystery caller again.

Naomi and Charles are oblivious to his behaviour and optimistic when he says that he has a job interview that day.

What is Alex really playing at?

Alex explains what he claims what was a big understanding to Naomi (Credit: ITV)

Belle and Chas spot shady Alex mid-deal

On the outskirts of the village, Chas and Belle see Alex handing cash over to a mystery woman.

Later, Alex comes into the Woolpack admitting his interview went well.

Belle is left torn as to whether she should tell Naomi about what Alex was actually doing.

She does – backed up by Chas.

Naomi then gears up to confront Alex.

When she catches Alex in a lie about his non-existent job interview, he promises to explain everything.

He feeds Naomi an innocent explanation for his meeting with the mystery woman.

After introducing Clare and her son Max to Naomi, he explains he’s been helping her financially after meeting Max’s dad in prison.

Back at Woodbine, however, Alex is soon making an excuse for a quick exit…

Naomi feels like their relationship is more solid than ever – but Alex is up to something.

Alex’s robbery of the surgery is interrupted by Manpreet (Credit: ITV)

Alex lies in wait for Manpreet

Alex meets up with mystery Clare again.

And it’s then that his plan is revealed: his relationship with Naomi is a sham, and he’s here to rob the surgery.

The next day, Liam and Manpreet are forced to close the surgery due to vandalised electrics.

Alex listens in with interest.

Then, he steals Manpreet’s surgery keys from her bag.

Armed with a crowbar, he lets himself into the surgery to look for the drugs.

But when Manpreet arrives at the surgery, she is puzzled to find the front door open.

As she heads into her office, she is blissfully unaware that Alex is waiting for her – the crowbar raised.

Will Alex kill Manpreet?

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