EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for March 20-24

14 Mar 2023, 00:01
10 Mar 2023, 18:26

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Zack makes a plan for Peach, but Whitney is distracted.

After they share a kiss, will he finally tell her about his HIV diagnosis?

Meanwhile, Emma leaves Lola again, causing Jay to act.

Also, Stacey’s troubles worsen – can Alfie help?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers
1. Zack makes a plan for Peach

After advice from Martin and Sharon, Zack comes up with a plan to remember Peach.

He later visits Whitney to reveal his idea.

Whitney refuses to attend as she’s too upset.

However, Chelsea persuades her to change her mind

Full of emotion, Whitney later kisses Zack.

However, she’s left devastated when Zack pulls away from her.

2. Zack reveals the truth?

Sam goes with Zack to the clinic for his next appointment.

She asks questions about sex and children on his behalf.

Sam later begs Zack to tell Whitney the truth about his HIV and so he goes to see her.

But will he confess?

3. Emma flees

Lexi has Mother’s Day planned out with Lola, but Emma arrives uninvited.

Lexi gets frustrated when Emma tags along and loses her temper about having to share her mum.

Mortified Emma offers to leave.

But Lola tells her to return to the flat while she talks to Lexi.

However later on Emma abruptly goes after an umcomfortable subject from her past is raised.

Will she be back?

4. Jay gives Emma an ultimatum

With Lola upset about Emma’s departure, Jay summons Emma to the car lot.

He tells her to either stick around and step up for Lola or go for good.

What will Emma decide?

Can she be the mum Lola needs?

5. What are Freddie and Rocky hiding?

Freddie treats Jean to a slap-up Mother’s Day lunch.

But when Rocky sees him there, he insists Freddie keeps quiet about how they’re making money.

6. Ravi exposes Denise?

Denise invites Chelsea to a family games night, but she brings Ravi as her plus one.

Denise is soon horrified as things quickly get out of hand…

Jack is later furious, accusing Denise of telling Chelsea about the investigation into Ravi.

He tells her she could have compromised the case.

Jack desperately tries to keep Chelsea and Ravi apart.

But will it work?

7. Stacey in trouble

Stacey owes loan shark Shiv money and gets him his cash.

However, he immediately demands £200 more and then makes a dangerous threat.

Alfie uses Big Mo’s stock of wedding dresses to open up a wedding emporium and make some quick cash.

However, will it be enough to get Stacey out of danger?

8. Linda helps out

Sharon refuses to be Alfie’s glamorous assistant, but suggests Linda instead.

Linda isn’t in the mood, but can’t resist helping out when she overhears Alfie’s ill-judged banter.

Kathy sets the date!

Kathy visits the emporium and finds a dress she likes.

It leads her to make a big decision.

She arrives home and tells Rocky she’s got a dress and is setting the date.

He doesn’t look too excited, but why not?

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