Coronation Street spoilers: Paul gets devastating health news

14 Mar 2023, 17:17

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In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Paul gets some devastating health news after speaking to Dr Gaddas.

As Paul’s told that something’s wrong, Paul seeks support from Dee-Dee.

But, what’s wrong with Paul in Coronation Street spoilers.

Paul was involved in a crash (Credit: ITV)

Paul had a motorbike accident

Viewers will know that Paul had a motorbike accident recently.

Stephen had laced Carla’s drink with LSD.

However, she was unaware of this and jumped in the Underworld van to get to a meeting.

She lost control and crashed into Paul who was testing out Peter’s motorbike.

Now, Paul has been trying to sue Carla and claim compensation for his injuries.

After the crash, Paul realised that something was wrong with his health.

His hand kept shaking making him lose his grip.

These injuries meant that he was sent home from work after Ed saw him lose control whilst sawing some wood.

Paul gets some devastating news (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Paul receives some health news

Next week, Paul is desperate to help Gemma as he rings up his bank to help her pay for her wedding.

Booking in an appointment with Dr Gaddas, Paul tells her that he’s seen no improvement in his hand.

With this, Dr Gaddas refers him to a neurologist.

Later on, Peter tells Paul to leave Carla alone and stop using her mental illness to profit financially.

Paul promises Peter that his main concern is his health not money but Peter suggests that Paul’s faking his injuries.

At his appointment with the neurologist, Paul’s sent for further scans.

However he’s then given some devastating health news as he’s told that his injuries aren’t likely to have been caused by the accident.

Dee-Dee tells Paul that if this turns out to be true, he won’t be able to claim compensation.

What’s wrong with Paul?

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