Casualty to air huge twist this weekend as Robyn departs the ED

14 Mar 2023, 15:49

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Latest Casualty spoilers reveal that Robyn’s final day at the ED has arrived as she prepares to say goodbye to her colleagues.

However, she makes sure to stand up to Jacob before she heads off.

Also, a huge twist it set to air that’s bound to shock viewers.

But, what will it be?

All this and more in the latest Casualty spoilers.

Robyn is ready to leave the ED (Credit: BBC)

Casualty spoilers: Robyn departs the ED

Robyn prepares to leave the ED as she turns up for her last day at work before she moves to Wigan.

She’s in the mood for celebrating when she treats her last patient.

However, she’s shocked when Jacob asks her to stay for a few more hours.

Robyn feels like she has to stay especially after learning that there’s been a major incident at a fairground.

After working for more hours than she anticipated, Robyn’s deflated when Jacob steals her nurses from her leaving party.

David questions Jacob over agency staff but Jacob insists that everyone is needed.

Clashing with Jacob over a situation regarding a patient’s boyfriend, Robyn finally stands up to Jacob over his behaviour recently.

The pair row before Robyn departs without any empathy from Jacob.

Tensions arise (Credit: BBC)

A huge incident at a fairground creates tension

Faith, Iain and Teddy team up to treat injured patients at a fairground.

Faith’s worried when she finds out that they can’t pull any patients out of the rubble until HEMS turn up.

Everyone tries to keep the trapped patients comfortable but concerns arise for their safety.

At the end of a challenging shift, Faith decides to live for the moment and ends up kissing Iain.

They both arrange a date but Faith becomes distracted by other commitments and leaves Iain disappointed.

Elsewhere, and away from the fairground, Marty worries when a patient collapses in front of him.

He finds out that the patient has sepsis from a needle after buying testosterone from the internet.

The patient had been waiting for two years for an appointment at a gender clinic and had resorted to buying online instead.

Marty supports the patient and promises to make some calls to arrange an appointment.

A huge twist will shock viewers (Credit: BBC)

There’s a huge twist

A huge twist has been hinted at in Casualty spoilers that will shock viewers.

The twist is set to be a big one.

However, no details have been released about what the twist could be.

Casualty are staying tight-lipped about what viewers can expect.

All we know is that it’s going to be good.

What could the huge twist be?

Casualty will air on Saturday, March 18 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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