Endeavour fans sob over ‘heartbreaking’ tribute to John Thaw in show finale

13 Mar 2023, 11:41

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Endeavour fans were left sobbing after the finale of the beloved Inspector Morse prequel series, which ended last night (March 12) after nine series.

Fans have hailed it as a ‘perfect’ finale and were left particularly emotional over a tribute to John Thaw from the original Inspector Morse series.

Shaun Evans previously hinted at the nod to John Thaw in the finale, but viewers couldn’t help but sob over the tribute.

Endeavour ended with the detective driving off from Blenheim Palace (Credit: ITV)

Endeavour praised for ‘perfect’ ending by fans

While fans were previously worried that not all of the characters would make it out of the series alive, there was no dramatic deaths in the finale.

Endeavour ultimately never revealed his feelings to Joan Thursday, who was left to marry Jim Strange.

Endeavour and Fred Thursday had to part ways, as it was unsafe for Fred Thursday and his son Sam to stay in Oxford.

Fans have praised the ‘perfect’ ending which concluded with Endeavour declaring he was “Morse. Just Morse”.

One fan wrote: “An understated ending fits the show. One of the strongest UK dramas ever with a great cast and group of characters that will be missed.”

Another fan added: “So many perfect moments in last night’s Endeavour. Thinking back to the Morse finale, and the final scene…”

A third viewer said: “That is how you end a series. Absolutely perfect, no notes.”

A fourth viewer agreed: “Endeavour is quite simply a masterpiece. It is equal to the original Inspector Morse.

“The finale was heartbreaking, clever, thrilling and classy.

“A perfect ending.”

John Thaw’s eyes appeared at the end of the Endeavour finale (Credit: ITV)

Endeavour finale: Viewers were left sobbing over a tribute to John Thaw

At the very end of the episode, Endeavour drove off from Blenheim Palace in his black Jaguar.

He passed a red Jaguar, the iconic car belonging to John Thaw‘s Inspector Morse.

As Endeavour looked in his rearview mirror, viewers also saw John Thaw’s Morse look into his rearview mirror.

John Thaw has been dead since 2002 and yet he stole the show at the ending there.

One viewer wrote: “When the two Jags passed each other and Morse looked in the rearview mirror, a tear rolled down my cheek.”

Another viewer said: “Nooo… not the red Jaguar! Heartbreaking.”

A third viewer also added: “Morse’s eyes in the mirror took my breath away.”

A fourth fan summed it up: “John Thaw has been dead since 2002 and yet he stole the show at the ending there. Testament to what a TV icon he was.”

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Endeavour series 1-9 are available to watch on ITVX now.

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