Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Callum kills as he takes revenge on Lelya and Suzy?

13 Mar 2023, 11:56

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Emmerdale spoilers tonight have revealed that, following Leyla’s move on Callum last week, he makes a terrifying attack on one villager. Will Callum kill?

In other Emmerdale spoilers tonight, Jai puts his foot in it with Marshall. Meanwhile, Victoria opens up to Matty and Amy.Elsewhere, Marlon is relieved at Paddy’s progress.

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Feeling provoked by Leyla and Suzy, Callum hits out (Credit: ITV)

Callum kills?

David and Pollard are terrified when Leyla reveals she’s put Jacob in serious danger with Callum. Their terror grows when they can only reach his voicemail. Everyone’s relieved when Jacob bounds into the shop. Leyla confesses that she provoked Callum, so David takes Jacob to stay with Pollard.

Meanwhile, Suzy has a plan to take down Callum. She plots to smear him as a grass to his criminal associates. Before long, outside Take a Vow, Callum appears and attacks Suzy with a brick. Meanwhile, Leyla tries to call Suzy oblivious to her friend’s peril.

Suzy’s lifeless body lies unconscious as Mary finds her, and urgently calls for an ambulance. Will Suzy pull through?

Jai confides in Laurel, unaware that Marshall is nearby, listening (Credit: ITV)

Marshall struggles while Jai puts his foot in it

Marshall is grateful to Jai and Laurel for taking him in. However, he is downcast to learn that Hotten Academy won’t accept him back without his dad’s approval. But Colin agrees to Marshall returning to Hotten Academy.

Laurel and Jai fear it may only be because he wants his abuse of Marshall to be kept quiet. Later, Jai worries out loud to Laurel about his fear of the impact taking on Marshall will have on the family. They are unaware that devastated Marshall is listening to the conversation on the stairs.

Matty and Amy share their news with a preoccupied Victoria (Credit: ITV)

Victoria opens up to Amy and Matty

Amy and Matty are delighted to break the news of their engagement to Victoria in the Hide. However, Victoria is distracted – telling them about how she met a man in a nightclub last night. She explains that the experience triggered her past trauma over rapist Lee. Meanwhile, Ethan keeps an eye on her, advising her to move on from last night and find someone new.

Marlon and Paddy take a walk

Marlon hopes that a walk around the village with Paddy is a good sign. When Liam suggests another meeting of ‘man club’, Paddy’s unsure if he’s up. However, he promises to do his best to make it. Marlon is relieved by this step in the right direction.

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