EastEnders spoilers tonight: The police are on to Stacey

13 Mar 2023, 15:18

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EastEnders spoilers tonight have revealed that, following her desperate actions last week, Stacey Slater finds herself in hot water. Are the police onto Stacey?

Elsewhere, Denise struggles as Ravi continues blackmailing her. Meanwhile, Lola tries to shoulder too much, even as her health suffers. Finally, Freddie strikes another get rich quick scheme. Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight below.

Stacey begins to have second thoughts about last week’s actions (Credit: BBC)

Stacey’s in trouble with the law?

There’s calamity at the Slaters when the fridge breaks down. However, Stacey isn’t worried now that she has cash to splash. Suspicious Jean demands to know whether she stole it from the office. Stacey denies it. But when Lily gets into a fight at school, Stacey realises the magnitude of what she’s done.

Worried that she could go down and lose her kids, Stacey enlists Jean’s help to return the money. Together, they try to distract security guard Alan. However, things don’t go to plan. Stacey knees Alan in the groin and runs away, hoping he’ll be too ashamed to report her. However, Callum arrives later and asks Stacey to go to the station the next day to explain herself.

Denise confronts Ravi (Credit: BBC)

The guilt piles up for Denise

Under pressure from Ravi, Denise contemplates breaking into Jack’s laptop to get the information he needs. She almost goes through with it – until she receives a call saying Amy has been in a fight at school. Later, she seeks Ravi out and calls his bluff.

She tells him that she won’t betray Jack and he can do his worst. Unaware of the situation, Kim consoles her as she stresses about letting Jack and the family down.

Denise confides her sense of guilt in Kim (Credit: BBC)

Lola’s health issues gather pace

Jay and Lexi are worried when Lola zones out, but she refuses to get checked out. Instead, she pours all her energy into a brain tumour awareness fundraiser – until she zones out again. Jay insists they go to the hospital.

Later, he tries to convince Lola to get a counsellor for Lexi, who is struggling to cope. But Lola is determined to support her daughter herself.

Another moneymaking scheme for Freddie

With the fridge busted and Stacey preoccupied, the Slater family continue to struggle for money. Freddie hits upon an idea to make some fast cash. But what will he do next?

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