Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Justin’s sister has a terrifying warning for Daisy

13 Mar 2023, 11:32

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Coronation Street spoilers tonight have revealed that, as Daisy hits back against Justin, his sister pops in with a terrifying warning for her. But what does Justin’s sister have to say? And will Daisy heed her warning?

In other Coronation Street spoilers tonight, Tim plays a dangerous game with Miley and Faye. Meanwhile, Beth meets up with Marco, Carla stresses as Stephen plots his next move. And new couple Hope and Sam head out on a date.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers tonight in full below.

Justin’s sister warns Daisy that her brother is more dangerous than she realises (Credit: ITV)

Justin’s sister issues Daisy a terrifying warning

Following the events of last week, Daniel attempts to put things right with Daisy. Will the wedding go ahead? Finding Justin lurking outside again, Daisy snaps. She whips out her phone and starts filming him in a bid to prove to him what it feels like.

In the pub, Jenny and Glenda watch the livestream in horror. After Justin runs away, his sister calls in to see Daisy at the Rovers. She warns Daisy that this isn’t the first time Justin has become obsessed with someone. She says that she needs to watch herself as he’s dangerous. What will he do next?

Miley’s back – but for how long can Tim keep her visit a secret? (Credit: ITV)

Tim wants the best of both worlds with Miley

As Faye heads out for the day with Craig, Tim brings Jackson and granddaughter Miley around. Sally warns him that he’s playing a dangerous game. All goes well with the meeting – until Miley and Eliza recognise each other on the street.

They stop and chat, just as Craig and Faye pull up in a taxi. Tim’s heart sinks. Has he been found out already?

Beth meets up with Marco (Credit: ITV)

Beth meets with Marco

Having dressed to impress, Beth asks Glenda to accompany her to meet Marco. Realising that she’s surplus to requirements, Glenda leaves them to it. What will Beth do, alone with Marco?

Stephen plots while Carla worries

Carla stresses out about ending up back in prison as an uninsured driver. Peter does his best to reassure her that won’t happen. Later, Sarah is surprised when preoccupied Carla agrees to a staff bonus for bagging the American deal. Meanwhile, Stephen surreptitiously calls Rufus.

What is he up to now?

Last week’s episodes revealed that Hope and Sam are dating now (Credit: ITV)

Hope and Sam head off on their first date

Tyrone reveals to Nick that Sam and Hope are now an item. Nick is glum, reminded of how much he misses his son. Having got some money from Tyrone for cinema tickets, Hope and Sam set off on a date.

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