22 Kids and Counting: Ofcom threat over Sue Radford’s ‘distasteful’ comment to daughter

13 Mar 2023, 15:27

22 Kids And Counting, Channel 5

Viewers of 22 Kids and Counting admitted ‘shock’ at a comment that Sue Rashford made about her daughter Ellie, who had fallen ill.

At the start of the episode, it was revealed that Ellie, 17, had been ill for three weeks. She was sleeping a lot and had no appetite.

It led Sue and Noel to discuss their daughter’s condition, and Sue admitted she was worried it could be leukaemia after searching Ellie’s symptoms.

Some 22 Kids and Counting viewers fired back at Sue for the comment, complaining that it was ‘distasteful’ to include in the programme.

Ellie, 17, was worrying Sue and Noel with her symptoms (Credit: Channel 5)

22 Kids and Counting: Sue Rashford was worried about daughter Ellie

Sue and Noel were discussing Ellie’s illness, which saw her extremely exhausted and struggling to eat.

Noel asked Sue if she was worried about Ellie, and Sue admitted that she was worried, and had been searching Ellie’s symptoms online.

Sue said: “I’ve googled a few things and some of the things are really quite serious actually.”

When Noel asked what sort of things, Sue admitted: “The symptoms that Ellie’s got… one of them was even leukaemia, Noel.

“It’s really scaring me.”

Ellie was later diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome, a genetic condition, which according to the NHS causes “slightly higher than normal levels of a substance called bilirubin to build up in the blood”.

Some viewers complained about the comment Sue Rashford made (Credit: Channel 5)

Viewers complained about the comment: ‘Anything for content’

Some viewers of the Channel 5 programme complained about the comment and worried that it was sensationalising the programme.

One viewer wrote: “Oh well done Sue, your daughter doesn’t feel well so Sue diagnoses her with leukaemia.

“On camera. Of course.”

One for Ofcom I think. It’s horrendous.

The viewer accused Sue of saying “anything for content” and added it was “dreadful”.

A second viewer added: “It was so distasteful.

“Absolutely disrespectful thing to say when heartbreakingly there are families with precious children who do have this condition.”

A third viewer also agreed: “One for Ofcom I think. It’s horrendous.”

Another viewer defended Sue, admitting: “We’ve all been on Dr Google.”

ED! contacted Channel 5 for comment.

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