‘Secret code’ Kate, Princess of Wales uses to keep children calm at royal events

11 Mar 2023, 13:11
11 Mar 2023, 13:11

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte

The Princess of Wales’ children are often stealing the spotlight at royal engagements.

From Princess Charlotte sticking her tongue out at photographers to Prince Louis blowing raspberries at his mum, the children are frequently keeping Kate on her toes.

We understand it can be hard to get your children to sit still, especially at public events, so how does the Princess of Wales keep the young royals behaved?

Here’s everything we know about Kate’s secret technique to keep her little ones calm.

Princess Kate received praise for her parenting at the Queen’s Jubilee (Credit: Splash News)

Kate, Princess of Wales uses a ‘secret code’ to keep her children in line

Princess Kate has received a lot of praise over the years for her parenting skills and keeping her children in line at royal events.

When Prince Louis misbehaved at the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, for example by sticking his tongue out at his mother, Kate’s reaction was praised by teams of expert commentators.

So how does the Princess do it?

Royal author Tom Quinn has revealed the technique that Princess Kate uses to calm her children down at royal events.

Writing in his book Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, Tom explained that the Princess uses a ‘secret code’.

He said: “When Prince Louis misbehaved at the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. For example by sticking his tongue out at his mother. Kate’s reaction was praised by teams of expert commentators.

“She apparently used a secret code to calm the children as she does on occasions. She simply says, ‘Let’s take a break’.”

The Princess of Wales uses the phrase ‘let’s take a break’ to let her children know that they need to behave (Credit: Cover Images)

Royal author reveals the meaning behind Kate’s phrase ‘let’s take a break’

The author then added that the phrase has a much deeper meaning for the royal kids.

Tom also said: “But as a former staffer explained, the children know these few words carry far more weight than we might imagine.”

The book went on to explain that the phrase ‘let’s take a break’ is actually Kate’s sign to the children to behave and sit still.

And there are sure to be consequences to follow at home if they don’t listen!

Kate recently shared her interest in early childhood and how dealing with a range of issues affects our development in our early years.

In January, the Princess even launched her Shaping Us campaign which has been described as Kate’s ‘life’s work’.

Kate’s Shaping Us campaign is dedicated to raising awareness for the importance of early childhood.

They also aim to help raise future generations of healthy and happy adults.

Speaking at the project’s launch, Kate explained that the years up to the age of five were the ‘building blocks for life’.

She also added: “Those involved in raising children today need the very best information and support.”

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