Heartbreaking reason Princess Kate was forced to leave £28k-a-year boarding school

11 Mar 2023, 08:30
11 Mar 2023, 09:31

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Kate, Princess of Wales was left “thin and pale” during an awful experience at £28k-a-year boarding school, it has previously been claimed.

The Princess attended the prestigious school, which was also attended by Miranda Hart, Clare Balding and many other famous alumnae, when she was a teenager.

However, it’s alleged Kate was forced to leave halfway through the term after she was bullied by her classmates.

Kate was badly bullied at her first secondary school (Credit: Cover Images)

Princess Kate forced to leave £28k-a-year boarding school

Although the Princess of Wales is one of the most loved royals in the UK, Kate reportedly had a hard time with bullying while she was a teenager.

Kate was even forced to switch boarding schools mid-term after being badly bullied by her classmates, it’s been claimed.

The first-ever secondary school that Kate attended was Downe House in Newbury.

Apparently she had been bullied very badly and she certainly looked thin and pale. She had little confidence.

However, halfway through the term, the Princess relocated to mixed boarding school Marlborough College.

But why was she forced to leave?

One of Kate’s fellow dormmates, Gemma Williamson, previously claimed that Kate was being picked on at the all-girls school.

In fact, she alleged the bullying got so bad that it left the Princess “thin and pale” and with very little confidence.

Kate stayed with her parents instead of lodging with her classmates at Downe House (Credit: Splash News)

Kate decided not to lodge with the other students

It was also claimed this could have been due to the fact that Kate was a day student at the school.

While most students boarded together at the school, Kate decided to stay at her parents’ home, which could have made it more difficult to connect with the other girls.

Gemma claimed the Daily Mail: “Apparently she had been bullied very badly and she certainly looked thin and pale.

“She had little confidence.”

However, once she had moved and settled into Marlborough College, Kate was reportedly much happier.

Now, Kate is happily married to her husband Prince William. Not only that, but she is cherished by the UK.

Early years work

Kate also does a lot of work for children through her early years initiative.

Announcing new campaign Shaping Us earlier this year, she said: “This isn’t just about raising kids.

“It’s about shaping our futures and shaping not only the adults we become, but shaping our society, creating a happier, healthier, more nurturing world for us all to live in as well.”

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