Gogglebox cast from the past: Favourites who’ve left as the show celebrates 10th anniversary

11 Mar 2023, 19:57
10 Mar 2023, 17:14

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Gogglebox celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special show tonight (March 11), with many familiar faces from the cast returning to our screens.

Because, for many of us, the series just isn’t the same without our favourite cast members giving their commentary on the latest telly.

From feuds to leaving the show to pursue a career in politics, many beloved armchair critics have waved goodbye to the series for a variety of different reasons.

So who has left the show over the years?

Here are all of the Gogglebox stars that are no longer a part of the series.

The Moffatt family joined Gogglebox in 2014 (Credit: Channel 4)

The Moffatt family

Scarlett Moffatt became a breakout star from her appearance on the telly watching show.

The TV personality joined her parents, Mark and Betty Moffatt, on the Channel 4 series back in 2014.

But after two years, Scarlett switched her sofa for the Australian outback and joined the cast of I’m A Celebrity in 2016.

After being crowned Queen of the Jungle, Scarlett’s TV career sky rocketed and she has since presented many shows including I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp and Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom quit the show in 2016 (Credit: ITV)

Steph and Dom

Steph and Dom became fan favourites on the show thanks to their hilarious commentary and their two adorable Dachshund dogs, who often join them on the sofa.

Unfortunately, the pair decided to leave the show in 2016 to focus on other projects.

Since then they went on to appear in several reality shows including The Jump and Four In A Bed.

They also starred in the documentary Can Cannabis Save Our Son?

The emotional show looked at their son Max’s severe case of epilepsy and how medical marijuana could ease his symptoms.

Gogglebox stars The Tapper family left the series (Credit: Channel 4)

The Tapper Family left the Gogglebox cast

The Tapper Family were one of the original Gogglebox families who joined the series in 2013.

Nikki, Jonathan and their children Josh and Amy delighted us all with their funny insights throughout their time on the show.

However, the family left fans devastated when they announced that they’d left Gogglebox.

A source close to them told the Daily Star: “The Tapper family was part of Gogglebox for five years and they love it. But they don’t have any plans to return. They have move on.”

While Amy has appeared to go on shows including Celebs Go Dating, Josh left after landing a job in the Cabinet Office.

He told the Mirror: “The option to go back is always there but I want to move away from that and the focus is now very much on my job.”

Kate left the series in 2016 (Credit: ITV)

Reverend Kate Bottley

Reverend Kate Bottley joined the Gogglebox cast in series five with her husband Graham.

The vicar appeared on the series to show that just because she’s religious doesn’t mean that she isn’t a normal person who enjoys TV.

However, she sadly left in 2016 and has since gone on to have a hugely successful career post-Gogglebox.

Not only has she written for several newspapers but she has also appeared on a number of shows including Would I Lie To You? and 8 out of 10 Cats.

Gogglebox star Chris left the show after falling out with Stephen (Credit: Channel 4)

Chris Ashby-Steed

Chris left the Channel 4 show in difficult circumstances following a bitter feud with his friend and co-star Stephen Webb.

The pair signed up on the show together in 2013, however, they decided to go their separate ways after a nasty fall out.

Chris recalled that Stephen emailed the studio to terminate production without consulting his co-star.

He told The Sun: “After he sent that email I didn’t speak to him for a little while because I was hurt by it.”

Although Chris left the series, Stephen still continues to appear on the show with his husband Daniel.

Now, Chris is happily married to his husband Tony and he has a separate Instagram account @furinturefairyhove, where he shares snaps of his furniture restoration projects.

Sandra continued to appear on Gogglebox until 2017 after her best friend Sandi left (Credit: Channel 4)

Sandi and Sandra

Sandi and Sandra were a beloved duo on the show, who kept viewers entertained with their hilarious comments and witty banter since 2013.

However, their time on the show together sadly came to an end when Sandi quit the show in 2016.

Sandra then left after starring alongside her daughter Chanchez in 2017.

Sandi has since taken part in shows including Celebrity Big Brother and Famous.

She also released an album, Independent Woman.

Whereas, Sandra recently landed a judging role on a new reality show, Now That’s Entertainment, for Amazon Prime.

The women have since fallen out.

Gogglebox star Paige left after falling out with her mother Sally (Credit: Channel 4)

Paige Deville

Paige Deville left the series last year after falling out with her mother, Sally.

In October, the star called her mum and co-star a “disgrace” and revealed that she never wanted to speak to her again after a “serious family issue”.

She also admitted that she struggled with cyberbullying.

Speaking about her exit, she tweeted: “These are just a few things I felt needed to be aired about REAL issues being on a reality show.

“I have never been so happy and so free since deciding to leave & that chapter is now closed. But felt I have had to justify myself as people are still commenting. BE KIND, always.”

Tom Malone left the series in February 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)

Tom Malone Jr left the Gogglebox cast

The Malone family joined Gogglebox back in 2014 and have been favourites on the show ever since.

But recently one member has been missing from their sofa.

Tom Malone Jr left the show in February 2021 after announcing that he wanted to explore other opportunities.

Since then Tom has helped promote several brands including Hooch and Personalised Gifts.

He is also a freelance model and a member of a professional dance crew.

Marina left the show after her best friend Mary died (Credit: Channel 4)

Mary Cook and Marina Wingrove

Mary and Marina were best friends who joined the show in 2016.

The pair often left viewers in hysterics with their wine-drinking and racy comments.

However, viewers were heartbroken in August 2021 when it was announced that Mary Cook sadly died at the age of 92.

Channel 4 released a statement saying: “We are extremely saddened to share that Gogglebox star Mary Cook died in hospital this weekend at the age of 92 with her family by her side.”

After losing her best friend, Marina decided not to return to the show.

Gogglebox star June left the series after her husband died in 2017 (Credit: Channel 4)

June and Leon Bernicoff

June and Leon Bernicoff were arguably one of the nation’s favourite couples on the show.

The pair first appeared on Gogglebox in 2013 and with their warmth and banter they easily won over the nation’s hearts.

However, their time on the show came to a devastating end in 2017 when Leon passed away.

June left after her husband died as she claimed that it wouldn’t be the same without her other half.

The 82-year-old then sadly died in May 2020, after suffering from a short illness.

Channel 4 announced the heartbreaking news saying: “As the first couple to be cast for Gogglebox back in 2013, June and her husband Leon were a huge part of the programme’s success.

“Their warmth, wit and contrasting personalities endeared them to the nation during the course of the first 10 series.

“June will be dearly missed by the entire family, cast and crew.”

The McGarry family left the Gogglebox cast

Pete McGarry joined the Gogglebox cast in season two alongside his wife Linda and her son George Gilbey.

The trio quickly became household names on the show as they left viewers in stitches from the moment they arrived on the show.

However, Pete sadly passed away in June 2021, after being diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 71.

Following Pete’s death, Linda announced that she will no longer be returning to the show.

Andy Michaels sadly passed away in 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)

The Michaels

The Michaels were one of Gogglebox’s original families when the show kicked off in March 2013.

Andrew Michaels was joined on the show by his wife Carolyne and two of their children, Alex and Louis.

The family opted to leave the show in 2014 when Andrew decided to pursue his political aspirations.

But when Andrew failed to win the Hastings and Rye seat, the family were invited back on the show in 2015.

In August 2021, the Michaels were sadly hit by terrible news as Andrew died aged 61 following a short illness.

The family later announced that they wouldn’t be returning to the show without him.

The Baggs family left the Gogglebox cast

The Baggs clan were a family of four from Essex who joined the series 2020.

However, the family sadly decided to quit the popular series after starring in three seasons.

Announcing their decision on Instagram, they stated: “After three incredible seasons on Channel 4’s Gogglebox we have taken the decision to leave the show.

“We have loved every second of being part of the Gogglebox family and it’s truly been the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Jay left The Woerdenwebers in 2015 (Credit: Channel 4)

The Woerdenweber family

The Woerdenwebers were regulars on the show who joined the series in 2013 before leaving in 2019.

The family were originally joined by Eve’s boyfriend Jay was known by viewers as ‘silent Jay’ as he never said a word on the show.

Jay disappeared from the series after he split with Eve in 2015 and the rest of the clan left shortly after.

Since leaving the show, Ralf works for Bosch and Viv runs a shop called Twilight.

Eve also owns her sate-of-the-art tattoo studio called Pretty Inked.

Gill Gibson and Helen Tait

Gill Gibson and Helen Tait were one of the original stars on the show who only appeared on the very first series in 2013.

For whatever reason, the pair did not stay for another series.

They have never been back on TV and there isn’t much known about what the pair are doing now.

Chris and Colin Staples left the Gogglebox cast

Father and son duo Chris and Colin Staples joined the show in 2013.

But just like Gill and Helen, they only appeared for one season.

The pair have since disappeared from the TV world and have kept their lives private.

Gogglebox stars The Allen Sisters left after only two seasons (Credit: Channel 4)

The Allen sisters

Gogglebox fans loved watching the Allen sisters during the first two series.

The family were made up of three sisters, Charlotte, Gemma and Louise and entertained viewers with their hilarious antics.

Charlotte reportedly had a job in fashion when she started on the programme, but they have all disappeared from the public eye since they left.

Gogglebox stars The Delaney-Ellwood family were slammed for being too posh (Credit: Channel 4)

The Delaney-Ellwood family

The Delaney-Ellwoods family joined Gogglebox in 2016, however it wasn’t long before the family came under fire during their first season.

Viewers vented on Twitter claiming that they “instantly disliked” the Delaney-Ellwoods and demanded for the show to take the posh family of their screens.

The family appeared on the show until 2017.

The Johnson-Aley family left the show in 2017 (Credit: Channel 4)

The Johnson-Aley family

Vernal, Shriley and Olivia Johnson-Aley enjoyed their short-lived fame on the Channel 4 series.

The family were often seen enjoying bottles of red wine during their time on the show.

However, they only appeared on Gogglebox for two seasons until 2017.

After leaving the show, daughter Olivia continued to work in retail in management roles at Ted Baker and Selfidges.

Mica and Marcus announced that they were leaving the show in December last year (Credit: Channel 4)

Gogglebox cast from the past: Mica and Marcus

Gogglebox fans were left gutted when Marcus and Mica announced that they will not be returning to the show in 2023.

Mica took to Instagram in December last year to announce the sad news.

They claimed that it was “time to put down the remote and see what else God has in store for us”.

Since their departure, the pair have filmed a charity special of the BBC quiz show Pointless.

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