Furious Gogglebox viewers blast show for ‘messing up’ and ‘revealing spoilers’

11 Mar 2023, 12:35

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Gogglebox viewers were left fuming last night (Friday, March 10) after clips watched by the cast ‘revealed spoilers’.

At one point during the most recent episode of Channel 4 show the show’s stars watched tense thriller Fall.

The Netflix film follows two women’s battle for survival after becoming stranded at the top of a 2,000 feet tall radio tower.

And the cast clearly found the viewing experience very unsettling.

The Warners could barely watch (Channel4.com)

Gogglebox cast react to Fall

“They must be off their bloody heads,” gasped Dave Griffiths as he watched alongside wife Shirley.

Mary Wood also expressed how she felt the film was testing her nerves to husband Giles, suggesting it could bring on a heart attack.

Meanwhile, after one moment that made the show’s star’s jump, Jenny wailed: “Oh Lee, why are we watching this?”

But despite the cast being on the edge of their seats, the inclusion of a crucial plot twist proved to get viewers even more worked up than the couch potato critics.

Fall proved a dizzying and tense watch for the show’s stars (Channel4.com/Netflix)

‘Ruined it’

Several social media users sarcastically thanked show bosses for giving Fall’s ending away.

“Thanks for the spoiler!!!” seethed one Twitter user.

And another tweeted: “Thanks Gogglebox I don’t have to watch #Fall now.”

It was all a bit much for Dave and Shirley (Channel4.com)

Elsewhere someone else suggested: “Yeah, you done gone messed up there with the spoilers for Fall.”

And many others wrote the segment meant Fall was no longer on their ‘to watch’ list.

“No point watching film now! #spoilers,” said one.

No point watching film now! #spoilers

Another raged: “Why would you show so much of a brand new film!? [Blank]ing ruined it, [blank]s.”

And yet another unhappy observer posted: “Damn you @C4Gogglebox for a major spoiler for that Fall film.

“I was planning on watching this evening but not sure I need to now. Could you please give spoiler alerts next time!! #Gogglebox #Fall.”

Gogglebox cast members express their shock (Channel4.com)

And the complaints didn’t end there. One person also accused several cast members of ‘faking’, too.

They claimed: “The reactions to Fall are so false and contrived just like their reactions to Coronation Street and any drama.”

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Gogglebox is back on Channel 4 on Friday March 17 at 9pm. And the Gogglebox: 10 Year Anniversary Special is on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.

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