Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell makes shock claim about Kate’s ‘enormous responsibility’ in Royal Family

10 Mar 2023, 13:36

Kate Middleton, King Charles, Paul Burrell, Princess Diana

Kate, Princess of Wales, has an “enormous responsibility” within the royal family, Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell has claimed.

In a new interview, Paul insisted that the royal family would “collapse” if the Princess of Wales was ever not a part of the firm.

Speaking to Slingo, he also said the public portrayal of Kate and Prince William’s relationship is “very positive”.

Prince William and Kate tied the knot in 2018 (Credit: Splash News)

Princess Kate

He said: “Kate is in such an incredible position because it all rests on her really, the future rests on Kate and that’s an enormous responsibility because if she decided that she didn’t want to be a part of her marriage any more then I think the royal family would collapse.

“Everything is pinned up by Kate, the future is underpinned by Catherine Middleton and that’s incredible. Back in my day the future seemed to be pinned on Diana Spencer, our future queen.”

He added: “Now we’re looking at another Princess of Wales who is in the same role that Diana had, married to a Prince of Wales and the future of the monarchy is down to her. It’s not an enviable position to be in. I want to believe, I don’t know because I’ve never been behind closed doors with Department 2.”

Princess Diana and the now King Charles were married from 1981–1996 (Credit: Splash News)

Paul speaks on Princess Diana’s marriage with King Charles

The former butler also went on to compare Prince William’s marriage with his mother and father’s.

He said: “I want to believe that they are as in love in private as they appear to be in public. Those little gestures are lovely to see from the public’s point of view because it reassures us something is good, something is being done right because Diana wouldn’t have done that.

If she decided that she didn’t want to be a part of her marriage any more then I think the royal family would collapse.

“In the later years you saw her do the opposite of that. You saw her turn her cheek against the Prince of Wales when he came to kiss her. You saw her looking the other way out of the car when she wanted to portray a different message.”


Paul added that the Prince and Princess of Wales “are trying to portray is a very positive, together image”.

“Kate wouldn’t do that if she didn’t feel it. William wouldn’t do that if he didn’t feel that, so it must be true,” he continued.

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Last month, Paul sent a touching message to Kate as he said he’d “love to meet her”.

Paul told the Mirror: “I would love to meet her. I would love to shake her hand and just say you’re doing everything perfectly well.”

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